[Windows] EagleGet is a free, portable download manager and online streaming video downloader

EagleGet UIStock download managers that generally come packaged with browsers like Chrome or Firefox are decent for casual users. If you’re doing a lot of downloading without using a third party download manager though, you’re missing out on a lot of great features. Apps like DownTango offer a lot of options like the ability to pause and continue downloads, or even accelerate them which boosts their speed. The problem with a lot of them is that they cost money. EagleGet is a free download manager alternative, which offers a lot of features that rival even some of the premium offerings.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

EagleGet download acceleratorEagleGet is both a download manager and online streaming video downloader meshed into one app. When downloading content with the app you can manually or automatically queue up content, and the video “sniffer” feature will allow you to download any streamed content.


  • Third party download manager with support for automatic and manual downloads
  • Includes video sniffer to download streaming videos from sites like YouTube or Vimeo
  • Clean and responsive UI, which is very easy to use
  • Adds notification icon to system tray when running, with several menu options
  • Is able to accelerate your downloads, increasing download speed by “by up to 6 times”
  • Lightweight and portable, uses less than 13MB of RAM while running
  • Extensive customization options for notifications, proxy, automation and scheduling


  • None that I could find (let us know in the comments below, if you find some drawbacks)


EagleGet video snifferThe EagleGet UI is quite attractive, and uses a mix of white and blue minimal undertones. Calling upon various dialogues within the window will sometimes bring up the occasional animation. Everything works great, the interface is definitely easy to navigate, and the elements are all responsive.

EagleGet is first and foremost a third party download manager. If you’ve ever used another manager app before, then you should feel right at home. With Eagle you can pause, delete and open a completed file just by hovering over its entry in the list. You can also view the download completion and transfer speeds if necessary.

EagleGet add download buttonDownloads can be added to the app several ways, using both automatic and manual methods. To manually add a download, one must copy and paste the URL to the direct download by interacting with the “add download” button. After doing so, the user will be prompted to enter the download URL, the download category and the desired output name. EagleGet also includes browser extensions to offer support for automatic downloads. Once everything is all setup, it should grab any downloads you start through your browser automatically. If not, you can always right click on the download link and select “download with EagleGet” from the appropriate context menu.

Another great feature of EagleGet is that it includes an easy to use video sniffer, which basically downloads videos and content that would otherwise be confined to streaming online. For example, you can download YouTube or Vimeo videos just by entering a related keyword, or the direct playback URL.

When downloading content it gets categorized into several tabs which include the following classifications:

  • All
  • Processing
  • Completed
  • Media
  • Documents
  • Software
  • Compressed

EagleGet automation settingsFor the most part, this allows you to separate your downloads between important documents, media and software packages. It’s quite convenient really instead of having just one giant list of downloaded content. It would be convenient if you could create and customize the categories, but instead you’re stuck with the preexisting ones.

Whenever a download completes EagleGet will push a small notification into view just above the system tray. Through the notification, you can open the file or the download directory without even activating the EagleGet window.

Finally, there are quite a few customization options in the application settings. Namely, you have access to proxy, automation and download scheduler dialogues. You can also customize how notifications are handled or disable them completely if desired.

EagleGet scheduler settingsThere does not appear to be any open accelerator options, but instead all downloads are accelerated when acquired through EagleGet. I personally have no real speed ratings to report, but the developers claim users can see up to six times faster downloads than average. While downloads do appear to be reasonable, this will largely depend on a combination of the download source and your internet connection.

For reference, EagleGet uses just under 13MB of RAM while running which means it’s relatively lightweight.

Conclusion and download link

EagleGet task cleaner optionEagleGet is a third party download manager with added support for downloading online streaming videos. If you’ve ever used a download manager before, then you should know pretty much what you’re getting when you try EagleGet. There’s support for automatic and manual downloads, integration with modern browsers, and even download notifications to keep you up-to-date on the status of your queue. The UI is clean, elegant and responsive and definitely easy to use. Casual and advanced users alike would enjoy poking around this app. Access is also offered to proxy, automation and scheduler settings. It’s all wrapped into a lightweight package that can be installed or stored as a portable app, depending on what you prefer. If you’re looking for a download manager, or anything with online streaming video downloading support this is a worthy utility indeed.

Price: Free

Version reviewed:

Supported OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

Download size: 3.98MB (install version), 5.31MB (portable version)

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/44 (install package), 0/45 (portable version)

Is it portable? Yes

EagleGet homepage

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  • saif

    easy to download another link and many activities this this site same time use player and converter and another.
    please visit this site and achieve our services .

  • goll

    Nachteil:Man braucht Admin-Rechte auf dem PC

  • John

    It’s a very good piece of software, but you cannot manually edit a file’s properties e.g. the URL (which is a necessity when talking about download managers)

  • esther

    my file form the download does not play once they are done downloading plaes give me steps to correct this

  • Eric989

    [@CJ Cotter] This is an ongoing battle. Your preferred downloader, YouTube Downloader HD, has been updated and is working on VEVO again.

  • CJ Cotter

    Eric989, one of my other YouTube downloaders fails to download the video from your link, then throws up this message:

    “This video contains content from International Olympic Committee, who has blocked it from display on this website. Watch on YouTube.”

    Oh puhleeze, is the IOC video so sacred that they will not allow anyone to have a copy?

  • jipy


    @sunrise too

    ==> thanks for the links. I’ve downloaded the program.

  • Eric989

    [@CJ Cotter] Yes, I can confirm that DVD VideoSoft is working for Vevo videos. They really have kept on top of this lately as my build number from a month ago was 628 and the current build is 725.
    I am not sure about your problem with downloading the ads. That has never happened to me. I am guessing you are using the browser extensions. I only use the copy and paste method and don’t get any ads.
    [@stefan] The .egt is the temporary file extension it adds during the download but it is supposed to go away when the download is complete. Maybe it was just a one time glitch or your download did not complete all the way?
    @everybody Does anybody know how to download this video from youtube? It is in that weird chuncked format and nothing works. I guess it is RTMP and that is always hard.

  • stefan

    Nice find Briley, thanks! Already installed it and used it to download first video file from the web page. It was able to complete the download of 1.8 GB file much quicker than the Download Helper add-on for FireFox.

    I need to ask about one thing though. The EagleGet saves downloaded data as .egt file instead of keeping the original file’s video format. I had to manually rename the file to .mpg to be able to open it from my hard drive. Is there a way around it or am I doing something wrong here? Thanks.

  • CJ Cotter

    Eric989, You’re right! DVD VideoSoft worked! However, there two cautions.

    1) There is the URL of the ad preceding the video, and the URL of the video, itself. You have to wait for your video to play before requesting a download, otherwise it will download the ad.

    2) The DVD VideoSoft installer is full of crapware. Pay attention when installing!

  • Eric989

    Yes, Eagleget is an excellent download manager that I recently started using. I was wondering when it would be featured here on Dottech. It is the easiest and one of the best video downloaders available. It has excellent name guessing and a very unique resume feature that goes back to the originating page to reacquire the link if it has expired.
    This is a brand new downloader that just exited beta so it is still being actively developed so we can probably expect improvements in the near future.
    [@CJ Cotter] Currently nothing appears to be working on Vevo videos. It’s just a matter of which one fixes the problem first. Eagleget was working when some others had already stopped so there is hope for the future. You were already using one of the best downloaders so just keep watching for updates to their program. For me, YTD Video Downloader http://www.ytddownloader.com/ was probably the last to stop working and it is the only thing I have found that can download yahoo videos.
    DVDvideoSoft appears to be one of the most active in trying to overcome the Vevo problem. They did fix it but then Vevo was changed again. I haven’t tried their latest version so there is a chance it is working again. Actually, according to their forums it appears their latest build is working!!! http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd/Free-YouTube-Download.htm

  • Ashraf
  • sunrise

    go to this link and you can find portable version below


  • AT

    Well the installer closed my browsers without giving me a choice to stop the install. Broke my existing download. If this software fails to impress me, then I’ll be using Flashget again. At least I know the quirks of Flashget.

  • jipy

    I haven’t found any link to portable app version.
    Are you sure there is a portable version?

  • CJ Cotter

    For many years, my preferred program to download all YouTube videos has been “YouTube Downloader HD” from http://www.youtubedownloaderhd.com/

    Then, VEVO did something to their video pages so that their videos couldn’t be downloaded anymore. So, I just now tried EagleGet. Same non-result.

    Please, someone direct me to a free VEVO video downloader. Thank you!