Windows Kinect app turns any surface into a touch screen


It seems like everything around us is getting smarter now. Honestly, who would have thought we would have glasses and watches that are equally powerful as our computers. Ok, that’s an overstatement but generally speaking they are pretty powerful enough to

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that the company and Ubi Interactive had worked together to develop a software that literally turn any surface into a touchscreen. In addition to the app itself, you need Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows sensor and a projector, and this will only work with a Windows 8 computer.

Once installed, “the sensor tracks and detects movements users make on the projected image.” You would use it just like you would use any touchscreen device. For instance, tap to launch applications, and pinch-to-zoom to “expand the areas.”

The app is currently available for purchase from Ubi’s website (see via link below). Depending on the package, you’d be expected to pay between $149~$1499. Oh and in case you don’t have a Kinect for Windows sensor, it’s gonna cost $250 extra. The below video demonstrates how the software works.

[via Engadget, CNET,Ubi Interactive]

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