SpaceX’s latest rocket test will blow your mind, shows the future of space travel [Video]

spacex grasshopper

What you are about to witness will blow your mind, please take caution, as we won’t take responsibility of your possible state of shock and surprise.

If you whip out a few old movies from the 1950s, you might see all kind of crazy things, even a rocket taking off, then hovering straight back down to its launchpad, Well, the guys at SpaceX have done a similar thing with a 10-story Grasshopper rocket, and it gave us the chills.

The SpaceX team performed a test flight with the Grasshopper on Tuesday, August 13, in which the rocket steered sideways and landed back on its pad without a hitch. Furthermore, this is the first high altitude test flight, so to see a good result at the end of the day is quite refreshing for the team as they prepare for bigger and better things.

According to SpaceX, the Grasshopper signifies a recyclable launch system, which is something NASA and other space explorers have been hoping for to happen. Reusable launch system means enormous savings for space exploration activities; which could very well change everything as we know it going forward in terms of space travel. It’s basically the holy grail of space rocket exploration that was once only seen in movies, and now it is actually possible in real life.

SpaceX was founded in 2002 as a company with plans to bring normal people into space. Normal as in consumers who can afford to spend a billion dollars without losing their minds a day after. I jest, I jest. Check out the video below of this amazing feat.

[via Huffington Post, image via Flickr]

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