This mirror magic trick will blow your mind [Video]


Anyone have any theories as to how he does it? Remember this is a Vine video, meaning the video itself cannot be edited — unless the guy shooting the video hacked Vine to upload an edited video, which is very much possible.

[via IncredibleThings]

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  • dsk

    look at the base of the mirror at the start. it is angled away from the camera. very basic movie effect.

  • David Roper

    [@JMJ] Nope,, like you said, FF doesn’t show it. Somebody please convert this video to something I can convert or download for Format Factory.

    Picking on you, JMJ.

    My email address is two names at gee male dot you know what.

  • Bryan


    To play: Right click the pic, choose “Play”

  • Ashraf

    [@JMJ] NP

    [@etim] How dare you leave dotTech and fall into the lap of another page?! Treason! Traitor!

  • etim

    [@Ashraf] Sorry, I wasn’t clear or complete–the vid played on that new page I was sent to.

  • JMJ

    Thanks. Chrome did it for me where FF and IE would not.

    Reminds me of my Big Brother who insisted that I disappear… until he wanted me to play fetch for him.

  • Ashraf

    [@JMJ] [@etim] Simply click on the middle area to play the video. You dont need Vine nor should you click on the black areas.

  • etim

    [@etim] (It was a new one on me, too.)

  • etim

    I clicked the big blank box and was sent to another page.
    I’m on WinXP, FFox 22

  • JMJ

    Promise not to laugh? Okay, I’m trusting you guys: How the heck can I play this on a Windows machine or do I have to wait for Vine for Windows?

  • etim

    Not a trick. The kid’s a Jumper.

  • Bas

    Is it really a mirror? At the start of the video, the camera moves backwards, but it looks like the guy with the phone isn’t moving yet. He starts moving a bit later.

  • Just like all the other time lapse videos. He’s either lucky, skilled, or did lots of takes.