• David Roper

    Love the ID ten T reason for it.

  • Grantwhy


    That would be the “Do you still have the box the computer came in?” story?

    I first read that on the wall of a computer shop about 12 years ago and it is so old it mentions Word Perfect.

    I found it on Snopes not long ago and was not at all surprised to find it was mostly true – he didn’t ask “Do you still have the box the computer came in?” because the lady is a friend of his wife.


    original post: http://web.archive.org/web/19970209064552/http://www.progress.demon.co.uk/Fun/Trouble-with.html

  • Grantwhy

    I work with a person who had done *EXACTLY* this.

    They got an email “from” XYZ Bank saying there were problems with their account, log in on special site to fix them.

    That person did NOT have an account with XYZ bank but they still asked me how they could log in and fix the account …. that they knew they DID NOT HAVE!!!


  • sl0j0n

    BTW, I almost forget;
    There are some truly hilarious websites,
    where IT workers, tech support, & helpdesk jockeys relate some of their most amazing stories.
    Like the one where the person called in about the screen going black.
    When the helpdesk suggested that the ‘customer’ check to make sure the monitor+computer was plugged in,
    the customer made the comment that they would have to wait until the electricity comes back *on*, because its was too dark to see.
    Without the lights being on, that is.

    Have a GREAT day, neighbor!

  • sl0j0n

    Hello, all.
    Well, Ashraf, I think that “faith in humanity” is extremely. totally different from, say, extreme, total stupidity.
    The phrase “faith in humanity” is usually used to indicate a belief [faith] in the *goodness* of humanity.
    So the woman being less than smart, or honest, isn’t really the same thing.
    At all.
    Here, LMGTFY,

    Have a GREAT day, neighbor!

  • JMJ

    Well, I can’t really fault her. As you know, JPMorgan Chase actually misplaced/lost/cannot- figure-out-where-it-went USD 6 Billion…. I mean 6,000,000,000 dollars!!!! This lady thought they had deposited it in her new account.

    A Nigerian prince did the same for me.