Dog really is man’s best friend [Amazing Photo of the Day]


I wonder if this is real.

[via Facebook]

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  • JMJ

    [@Darcy] Oh, quit ruining an “Oooh, Aahh” moment with facts. :-p

    Any dog large enough, like my 101-lb German shepherd, will treat you like its personal paws-on-shoulders-so-I-can-give-you-doggy-kisses resting place. Collies and shepherds are naturally “service dog” breeds, so I think it’s highly likely that this collie is “working” for its Mistress. Heck, if Lassie can pull Timmy from the well eleventeen times, then this collie can push its Person to the market. :-)

  • I’ve seen collies stand up and put their legs on things many times so this is probably real, however I doubt the dog is actually pushing her. When a collie does this, it’s usually to get attention. Plus, they really have no leverage in this position.

  • JMJ

    I’m betting it’s real. The collie obviously is cool but so is its mistress: Look at how she tricked-out her go-go chair.