A gold colored iPhone is likely, according to reports [Rumor]


So we’re already expecting the iPhone 5S to be announced next month and that it will come with a new fingerprint sensor. But according to mounting reports and claims from various sources, Apple will also be adding a brand new color option to the iPhone: Gold.

Okay, so gold sounds like it would be really tacky. Even MG Siegler in his TechCrunch column thinks so:

Yes, there will be a gold iPhone.

That’s the latest I’m hearing from multiple sources after several weeks of rumors and possible component leaks suggesting the same thing. At first, I couldn’t believe Apple would break from the tradition of offering the simple choice: black and white (or “slate” and “silver” if you prefer for the iPhone 5) for their flagship device. Gold simply seemed too gaudy, perhaps even tacky. But a few compelling arguments countered my disbelief. And now, upon checking, sure enough, there will be gold.

But according to Siegler, the extremely gold-looking leaks aren’t a very good representation of what the phone will look like. It will actually be more of “champagne” than gold, which you can see in iMore‘s mock-up image above.

The reason for selling a gold/champagne colored iPhone and disrupting the classic (and safe) white or black options? According to Siegler, it could prove to be very popular in emerging markets:

A number of folks have noted that a gold iPhone would likely do well in the Chinese and Indian markets as well, where the color is very popular. This is especially interesting given the talk about the “iPhone 5C” being key in these markets as well, with a presumed unsubsidized lower price-point. One line of thinking was that the lower-cost iPhone would all-but replace the higher cost one in these markets. But perhaps the gold option would still be enticing enough for some buyers to lure them to the higher end model. That’s all pure speculation, of course.

My take on it? If it looks more like this image below, which doesn’t look as tacky or gaudy as a gold iPhone sounds, then I’m all for it.


 Expect to see just exactly what this new color option will look like at Apple’s event on September 10th.

[via iMoreMacRumors]

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