Trucks can fly and this video is proof [Video]

This is the aftermath of the flying truck:



See, trucks can fly. They just can’t land properly.

Surprisingly, the driver did not die although he is being treated for serious injuries:

A Kentwood man was taken to Sparrow hospital with serious injuries after the pickup he was driving veered into a median on Westbound I-96 and launched over a guardrail into Sycamore Creek, according to Ingham County Sheriff’s Sgt. Matthew Flint.

[via Geekologie]

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  • Seamus McSeamus

    Open casting call for Jackass?

  • Machar

    Was Sparrow Hospital chosen because of the attempted aerobatics? Presumably the more appropriate Ostrich, Emu and Penguin Hospitals were all too far away…

  • etim

    In his defense, he thought he was being chased by a haunted ATV.