If my hotel room had this, I’d blackmail my way to a free night’s stay [Image]


That sign is inside the extended stay hotel room of Reddit user ‘forceduse’. If I were in his/her position, I’d blackmail myself to a free night’s stay. Or multiple free nights’ stay.

*Unplugs router* Oops *Plugs in router* | *Unplugs router* Oops *Plugs in router* | *Unplugs router* Oops *Plugs in router* | “I will keep doing this until you make it worth my while to stop.”

I know — evil genius, right?

[via forceduse]

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  • Seamus McSeamus

    So sorry. I have this weird thing I do… I take a zolpidem, sleep walk to the nearest wireless router, unplug it, barricade my door and go back to bed. I know, not a good problem to have given that I share my room with a wireless router. This could be an eventful stay.

  • davidroper

    How stupid to allow the cable to have that much “influence” on the location’s WiFi.

    And yet the person who made the sign knew how to center text, print, Laminate it, and use a stick pin.


    …and they walk among us, create babies, and vote.