Internet Explorer 9… already?

Locutus may have beaten me for the news break about Office 2010 beta, but I’ve got him on the break of the first news about Internet Explorer 9!

Whether you like it or not, IE has had big impacts on the Web, some which they aren’t given credit for. For instance, AJAX as we know was first supported in IE, with a Javascript Object Microsoft created. So whether you use it or not, like it or not, it’s a good idea to know what the IE team is up to. And the latest news from the IE team is Internet Explorer 9.

Although IE9 is only 3 weeks old, this is what we have been told about it so far:

  • It will use DirectX2D to render. What that means is that rendering web pages will be done by the GPU instead of the CPU, which should make rendering faster. This will also mean that font’s should look smoother as shown bellow.
    96 point Gabriola on a Lenovo X61 ThinkPad at 100% Zoom using GDI (note jaggies):
    96 point Gabriola on a Lenovo X61 ThinkPad at 100% Zoom: Direct2D (without jaggies):
  • It will run JavaScript faster (about 1/3 the time of IE8).
  • IE9 currently gets a 32 on the ACID3 test.  While that’s not so great, if you factor in that they’re only 3 weeks in, and it is bound to increase as IE9 is developed more, it’s not so bad.
  • It also now supports rounded borders.

So although a lot isn’t known yet about IE9, it does seem to have some stuff going for it. And just one request: Don’t tell me about how IE should use Webkit (if you read the comments on the IEBlog you’ll understand).

[via IEBlog]

Love IE? Hate IE? Vent or cheer below!

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  • kasish

    I MUST CONFESS I AM A FIREFOX HATER.Absolutely.i only used ie6.7.8 tried firefox once, it crashed, that was it.never ever ever ever ever ever again!!!!!good luck to all its users, you enjoy , you carry on, go on enjoy.

  • Ray

    @Jim Van Damme: Weird, I could swear you just commented on this very thread.

  • Jim Van Damme

    I’m running Ubuntu right now, so not so interested…

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: Interesting idea. I could try but no promises.

    @jake_ie8team: Thanks for posting here but in our defensive we have already provided a link to that page (see end of article).

  • jake_ie8team

    You can find out more information on the IE Blog about Internet Explorer 9 from the IE team themselves –

    – Jake

    MSFT Internet Explorer Outreach Team

  • @Ashraf, what if you made it so that people tha had dotTech accounts could have an Always Subscribe Settings?

  • @Ashraf: Thanks for backing me up with add-ons. As to you question, I think it depends on how the add-on is coded. I know that AVG’s Toolbar’s functions still work with out the toolbar being there. Also lazy’s not the word I would use, more like side tracked.

  • Ashraf

    @Sue D. Nymme: I agree; before I do any major upgrade of Microsoft I think “okay what is going to break and will I be ok without it?” However, I disagree that it is more a website’s fault than Microsoft’s. One of the major reasons many websites break upon new release of IE is because Microsoft has yet to full embrace many open web standards that other browsers adhere to. So, every update of IE comes with “something” new”. It is not the website developer’s fault that they programeed their website to meet an older IE version’s standard; it is Microsoft’s fault for changing their standard every upgrade (arguably they improve IE’s standard with every upgrade but if they would just embrace all open web standards like Firefox, Chrome, etc. this wouldn’t happen).

    In Microsoft’s defense, they are moving towards open web standards with every new release. Case in point: many websites coded to work with IE6 may not have worked in IE7+ but most websites coded for IE7 work in IE8 and I bet all websites coded for IE8 will work in IE9.

    @Anemailname: I am not really an IE hater but after using Firefox for so long I just can’t stand to use IE anyone. Operant conditioning at its best.

    @David Roper: Pretty much. A couple of years back it was people needed to keep IE for some IE specific websites. However most websites/web services now also support Firefox so this isn’t a big deal anymore. Even Microsoft websites support Firefox now.

    @Rob: No sorry I can’t. I can’t because this would drive people nuts – they would be automatically subscribed every time they post a comment.

    @Quro@75: To be fair, IE still has a larger market share than Firefox (or so they say). However much of this market share is due to the fact IE comes with Windows and most people don’t know there are alternatives.

    @Samuel: One thing I really dislike about IE is the inability to customize toolbars like in FF. For example, I must keep the Roboform toolbar in IE for it to work (As far as I know) where as I can disable the toolbar in FF yet still use Roboform.

    @Joshua: I agree with Samuel. Internet Explorer also does support plugins but they are not as widely supported as in Firefox because Microsoft did not encourage an open platform like Mozilla.

    @Everyone: I think everyone should remember the fact that if it wasn’t for IE, we may very well be paying for web browsers right now (think Netscape’s $9.95 price tag). So yes Microsoft did get lazy because of the lack of competition for a really long time. However give credit where it is due.

  • @Joshua: you do realize that IE has add-ons, just they are (offically) suppose to be more secure then FF’s so they are harder to develope so either developers just don/t or they do it incorrectly using system hooks to get around the limitations and then crash IE, making IE look bad for their mistake.

  • Joshua

    I agree with Quro@75

    Firefox will ALWAYS be better than IE, no matter what. One simple reason. Add-ons. They give the browser more advanced functionality than any of the other wanabes.

  • So much hate…
    I don’t mind that you guys don’t like it but could you at least give reasons, and I don’t mean things like the interface being better (that’s an opinion not a fact) or just typing in Caps Lock about unsuported (and unoffical) HTML5 or CSS3 stuff. And before any one says that they should ass the

    @Sue D. Nymme: I thank you for giving something new to the debate, instead of repeating every one else (see rant above). And to some degree you’r right. Developers in general have a habit of wanted to use the newest technology (me included), the problem comes when they want companies to support them, even though the technology may not last, putting the company in a bad position.

    @Rob: They don’t say yet, but as I said they’ve only been working on IE9 for 3 weeks, for all we know they could be adding that right now!

  • You know what I am going to say, man. IE9, IE10 or IE999, thousand people behind Firefox is much better than one big bungling company.

  • Rob

    Does it automatically re-open the Tabs from your previous session ?
    If it can, I will try it.
    If it can’t, they can keep it.

    PS Ashraf can you make the ‘Notify me’ checkbox, below be ticked as a default ?

  • David Roper

    I haven’t used IE since version 4. And as long as Firefox is around I won’t ever have to. Period.

  • Anemailname

    I’m a Hater! IE rarely displays pages as they were intended, they need to catch up and yes, stop breaking things to make a new one!

  • Sue D. Nymme

    Know what I like about Firefox? When they upgrade it (and they frequently do), I can apply the upgrade without worrying that half the web isn’t going to work for me any more.

    I still haven’t moved to IE8 at work because there are MANY financial websites that I access as part of my job that are IE7-specific. Arguably, this is more the websites’ fault than Microsoft’s, but you gotta hand it to a company that breaks everything whenever they move forward.

  • Um… Ready or not, I’m gonna try IE9 as soon as I get my hands on the TechNet Subscribers’ Copy of IE9beta. I hope it can live to be as popular as IE6 was in 2003!

    Still, I don’t think that it will beat Firefox in terms of user-friendlyness and quickness.