The results are in: Gmail is the e-mail service of choice for over 50% of dotTechies

In the most recent Ask dotTechies article, I inquired what is the most popular e-mail service used by dotTechies. Well now the polls have closed and the results are in – Gmail wins by a large margin:

[poll id=”3″]

Sifting through the comments, one of the main reasons why Gmail is so popular is its ability to easily connect multiple e-mail accounts to one inbox; this not only allows users to manage multiple e-mails easily but also use Gmail as a e-mail backup service.

Oh and if you are a Gmail user, be sure to give Gmail Labs try; the Gmail team is constantly coming up with interesting and innovative additions to Gmail and users can access the features via Labs.

Thank you to everyone for participating! Feel free to voice any comments below.

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  • Steelers6

    Can anyone tell me how you use Gmail as storage.

    Sounds pretty cool.

    Great Poll too, I’m not surprised, but I do see a lot of yahoo email address still.

  • Jim Van Damme

    After Google kills Microsoft, we will have to kill Google.

    My favorite email is GMX. Similar to to Google, without the barrage of adverts and spying.

  • PTLdom

    I’m an earlier adopter of google.

    What worries me?

    1- If google fails, much of my private information and ongoing projects are gone or inaccessible

    2- Google knows more about me than me.

    3- Google sells me more than I want and isn’t a regulated entity in other countries beyond the US

  • giovanni

    Hi Ashraf!!

    Yes this survey doesn’t surprise me at all as almost everybody throughout the world use GMAIL as their favourite webmail service nowadays.

    Another great advantage of GMAIL, besides the one you rightly mentioned above, is that it lets you send email with a maximum attachment file size of 20 MB, a feature that, if I’m not wrong, the other webmail services fail to provide.

    But what really concerns me is the excessive power acquired by GOOGLE over the past few years, that has turned it into a monster orwellian BIG BROTHER.

    Have you ever read Google’s mission???

    Well, according to the company’s official website, GOOGLE’S MISSION is to “organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful for everybody”.

    But have you ever wondered what these guys really mean by this????

    In my vuew their ambition is as megalomaniacal as Bill Gates’s vision of a computer on every desk running Microsoft software.

    GOOGLE is setting out to create the most comprehensive database of personal information ever
    assembled, with the ability to tell people even how to run their lives.

    According to Mr Eric Schmidt, GOOGLE’S Chief Executive, the goal of the company is to enable Google users to be able to ask themselves questions such as: “What shall I do tomorrow?’ and “What job
    shall I take?”.

    Speaking at a conference organised by Google, he said : “We are very early in the total information we have within Google. The algorithms [software] will get better and we will get better at personalisation.”

    Google’s declaration of intent was publicised at the same time it emerged that the company had also invested £2m in a human genetics firm called 23andMe.

    The combination of genetic and internet profiling
    could prove a powerful tool in the battle for the greater understanding of the behaviour of an online service user.

    Read the rest of this shocking article about GOOGLE’s power here:

    So I think it’s time we started thinking about what a world dominated by GOOGLE would be like.

    After all, if you think about it, GOOGLE receives around 68 searches from the average person each day and stores this data for 18 months building up huge databases of data about internet users.

    They know what MILLIONS of people around the world have searched for, they can read their GMAIL ACCOUNTS and, if you signed up for ADSENSE, they know your social security and home address, which they can locate through a satellite map, not to mention that they can also see which sites you’ve
    clicked off your google searches.

    What’s next? LOL!

    Look at it:

    Quite worrying, isn’t it?


    But, to make things worse, it seems to me that almost everybody around the world still didn’t understand the extent of this huge threat, because after all, unlike MICROSOFT, GOOGLE has been offering to us for the past few years great applications for FREE!!

    So why should we be worried about it?? LOL!

    What do you make of it, Ashraf??

    Anyway, if you want to deepen your knowledge of what GMAIL can offer to its subscribers and want to become a real GMAIL MASTER, well I suggest you read this compelling and outstanding GMAIL GUIDE I stumbled upon by chance a few weeks ago:

    And believe it or not, after reading the first tricks & tips of this guide, I realized to my great surprise to know just 1% of of its endless powerful features.

    So what are you waiting for??



  • @Ashraf: Well I still got first comment at least :D

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: LOL I just noticed it said “Ash” instead of “Ask” and changed it right before you commented =P.

    Also, I do agree with your comment on Google.

  • I get first comment!
    Ok, I’m good now, back to the profesional. Besides that you said “Ash” instead of “Ask”, I think another reason is that right now Google is the Geek’s Company if you will.