The results are in: Gmail is the e-mail service of choice for over 50% of dotTechies

In the most recent Ask dotTechies article, I inquired what is the most popular e-mail service used by dotTechies. Well now the polls have closed and the results are in – Gmail wins by a large margin:

[poll id=”3″]

Sifting through the comments, one of the main reasons why Gmail is so popular is its ability to easily connect multiple e-mail accounts to one inbox; this not only allows users to manage multiple e-mails easily but also use Gmail as a e-mail backup service.

Oh and if you are a Gmail user, be sure to give Gmail Labs try; the Gmail team is constantly coming up with interesting and innovative additions to Gmail and users can access the features via Labs.

Thank you to everyone for participating! Feel free to voice any comments below.

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