Relax guys, PRISM is simply the social network where we all have an account already


These days, it seems we can’t go by a couple of hours without hearing news about the NSA and their privacy-obliterating spying programs. But what if we were wrong about these programs? And PRISM, was actually just a social network, for you know, sharing? Everything?

GetPrsm is a hilarious take on the government surveillance we fear and complain about. It’s like if the government were to try and convince us that all that spying and data collection was for a social network where we “don’t have to worry about sharing again.” Because in PRISM, sharing is done all the time, on all our devices! And with great partners like AOL, Facebook, A&T and Skype, they’re most definitely capable of handling all the requests.

So what do you have to do if you’d like to sign up for an account? Well, just click the sign up now button and… whoops, looks like you already have an account! We all do, unfortunately.

Seriously, check out GetPrsm from the vial ink below. Our privacy is definitely important, but it wouldn’t hurt to get a chuckle out of it every once in awhile.

[via GetPrsmGizmodo]

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