Can’t wait to see your article about Linux which incorporates GParted.

  • OldElmerFudd

    My bad, Ashraf. I didn’t know about the discord and didn’t realize you had links more suitable for the purpose of informing your readers. (It’s OldElmerFudd. I was on a friend’s laptop when I posted that, and forgot my regular nym.)

  • Ashraf

    @Phil: Thanks for the laugh; it gave me a nice ending to a hard week of work.

    @Adrian: I would but I like to follow a non-censorship policy on dotTech; I hate it when people censor so I only censor when I 100% need to (i.e. such as Ron’s comment #1 where he was linking to articles on another website but I changed his links because dotTech has articles on the same topics). So, let Phil say what he wants – he will be set straight by by more mature dotTechies.

    @toast: Thanks for the input. I also seemed to have forgotten to mention the fact that they can’t create USB/flash drive bootables. I will be sure to mention that next time.

    @Doug: You will then enjoy my near-future article on a different brainchild from Linux which incorporates GParted.

    @Alan: I agree with you; that is most likely the reason why. I tried my best, as per EASEUS’ directions, to make the feature work but sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t which, in my opinion, is to be expected anyway with a feature like that.

    @Everyone: Thank you all very much for the support and trust.

  • Alan


    re “The new “extend NTFS partition without reboot” does not always work… it asks for reboot sometimes.”

    A possible reason could be that Windows Explorer was looking at that partition.

    I found that when I restore an Acronis image to a non-system partition, sometimes it started with a reboot. It has never done so since I ensured that all instances of Windows Explorer are closed before I launch the restore.

    Similarly, Safely Remove Hardware is unable to remove an external USB2 drive if Windows Explorer has its beady eye on it.

    I suspect that similarly the O.S. will not yield full control to a partition manager if Explorer is looking at that partition.

    When Acronis is denied total control it seizes control via a reboot.
    I suspect when Easeus is denied it requests a reboot.

    I would welcome feedback if any-one would like to test this out.
    I will not be downloading Easeus because I am more than happy with Partition Wizard.

    Thank you Ashraf for the previous recommendation of Partition Wizard, which incidentally is now upgraded to v 4.2.


  • Doug

    I have used Gparted and always been satisfied. These pro program$ must prove they are better before I will switch. Another advantage of the open source programs such as Gparted is that they have fantastic support from their forums. The programs that cost $$ often have the worse support which makes no sense to me.

    Good review. I especially like the part where you mention the alternatives.

  • Jyo

    @Phil: It’s called a full software evaluation, not picky. Ashraf, we all got your back.

  • toast

    The first two “bad’s” were very helpful to anyone who knows about computers, and me, unlike yourself who is obviously an imbecile. The last “bad” might look picky, but in actuality, I encountered this problem and found it to be quite annoying.

    This is my first post and I have greatly appreciated your site, after being a “guest” over the past few months, so thanks for all of your work!

    Another “bad” I found was that when creating the “bootable disc”, their wizard did not actually write any files (or the .iso) to the disc. I had to manually find the image.iso file, and burn it with ImgBurn (program I use to write .iso files to disc).

    I found that I still enjoy “Partition Wizard” the best. Why? It has all of the options of paid partition managers. Also, Paragon Partition Manager Home Edition stalled while in boot mode, which was apparently necessary to do the operation I was undertaking. That being said, it completely froze, and my partition was deleted, and my hard-drive was unbootable (at the time). Fussing a week on their forums about how the boot-disc wouldn’t allow me to “undelete” partitions (which it didn’t), someone directed me towards Partition Wizard, and it saved my drive and partition, with all files intact!

    I will have to try EASEUS Partition Master Pro Edition some more to be able to know if it is better or not for myself.

  • MikeR

    Poor, sad, Phil.

    For one whose conduct has long been cartoonish, it’s surprising he of all people doesn’t know that lemmings never jump off cliffs but were callously chucked off ’em by a Walt Disney film production way back when.

    Ya got to love ol’ Walt, Chief Sadist to America’s Children.

    Can’t love ol’ Phil though, Chief Idiot on GOTD.

  • Patrick

    One would expect some intelligence? Luckily most of you share the same indignation towards Phil. Perhaps Phil happens to have a bad day?.. Tortuga, for one, obviously doesn’t think that to be the case, and judging by Phil’s wording Phil has more than just a bad day.

    If you can create something better then do so or STFU.
    Do you have any “creations” of your own? If so, we’re all very interrested (I guess). Judging (again)from your way of adressing people I fear the worst. The proof of the cake, Phil, the proof of the cake… or, using your language, STFU yourself.

    I would not take your bet because you can’t ever win and I can never lose on this one. It would not be a fair bet, would it? However, 100% is a lot ànd you may be very close ;-)

    Nicely spoken! I quit programming some 15 years ago due to complete burnout, but I can still tell salestalk from genuine reviews. Ashraf is doing a very good job indeed.

    I have the feeling that you know more than you wish to tell ;-)

    Finally, to have us get back to what this forum should be all about, I have used Partition Manager 4.0 Proffesional (GOTD september last) to install and partition two “old” HD’s and the program did what the developers said it would (and what Ashraf’s review impelled me to install the program). For me it may be an option to install this version even though I have no plans to upgrade from XP-pro to Win7 or Vista in the near future. Sometimes it just comes in handy to have a tool available that you have no immediate use for yourself. So I will install this one and see what it does in the future…

    Hail to you all!

  • gpc111

    Hello Ashraf and all. Thank you for your thoughts on the program. I am still at version 3.5 of the program so I’m not sure if I will go for this or not. My partition needs are very limited.

    It is with much sadness that I see phil has input his ugliness here. As others have said he poisons every forum he visits with senseless attacks. His comment is a prime example. Hey phil crawl back under the rock that you slithered out from. No one here is interested in what you have to say.

  • Bob

    Hey Phil,
    The solution is pretty simple: Don’t visit the dottech website. You see, for those with a brain and an education, the “cons” section is very important.
    I suggest you go back to eating your fruit loops, taking your medication and continue watching Sesame Street

  • Jack

    Back to the program. I’m a paragon user always have i’m just very use to the program. not that this one would be something decent enough to use.

  • Jack

    The Problem is . excuse me not that it’s a problem, but folks of all ages can post here. even the little children.

    Phil, have to taken the time to do the work,or apply the time to inform folks,as Ashraf does? I think not so perhaps before you diss someone out who does. why not invest the time into doing something decent. Or perhaps it’s you infact who should STFU.

  • Tortuga

    Hello Allan :)
    Please, don’t tire yourself trying to inject reason into this pitiful troll comments.
    He has been doing this for a very long time on GOTD & other sites associated w GOTD.

    If he doesn’t find stuff to criticize, he just invents something …
    He just likes to stir trouble & be insulting for no reason.

    Have a wonderful day everybody :D

  • @Tortuga:

    I know you are helping Ashraf, but this also seems like a personal attack. Perhaps Ashraf should change the words to be softer, like Alan or Greta?

  • I feel that you should delete Phil’s comment because it is a PERSONAL ATTACK!!

  • Tortuga

    @ Phil
    Well well, doing here what you always do everywhere you go. Just sad you feel the need to belittle & poison other people’s lives.
    Probably got tired of badmouthing & bothering Stephen (WhiteRabbit) & other contributors on GOTD, so now its Ashraf turn :roll:

    Interesting & quite revealing that you always criticize everybody else’s volunteer work but never contribute or help others.

    It’s totally pathetic.

    YES, Ashraf is appreciated and we all like him very much.
    Jealous much?!!!!

    Bubby always says “Dont feed the trolls”, but darn – you don’t seem to understand.
    Now, go away, you are neither needed nor wanted around this pleasant friendly site.

  • Kim

    Phil: I bet that 100% of the comments today will be FOR Ashraf, and AGAINST you.

    If you don’t like this site, don’t read it. There is no need to do a “drive-by” negative posting. By the language you used, you showed your lack of class.

    Ashraf – the dogs bark, the caravan moves on. Shukran for your site.

  • Greta

    Ashraf is is doing a Very Valuable service…FOR FREE !! I for one (and I know that there Many more of us) am not an expert on the computer, but I’ve really started expanding my knowledge-base with reading Ashraf’s comentaries on Giveawayoftheday. Not only that, but his comments aren’t all negative. Sounds like Alan needs a hug, what a jerk!!!

  • Alan

    You seem to be the sort of idiot that only joins a forum to issue stupid negative criticism of people who know far more than yourself.

    You complain
    “Even though a program lists its capabilities ahead of time you go ahead and run your mouth about how it doesn’t do something it already states it can’t.”

    Easeus has stated “ahead of time” (whatever that means)
    “New! Extend NTFS System Partition without Reboot – Extend NTFS system partition without rebooting Windows to minimize computer downtime.”

    Where have you found Easeus to say that it may fail to complete without a reboot.

    I think Ashraf has performed a valuable service by warning that a reboot may be required in spite of the promises.

    If I know that a reboot may be required then I can ensure that I and the system are fully prepared BEFORE I manipulate partitions.

    Perhaps you do not care about random chaotic reboots,
    I wish you many happy BSODs.


  • Phil

    Dude, you’re a freakin idiot. Thank God people with a better understanding of programs comment on them. Your “Bads” are always so freakin picky that it makes you look like a crybaby getting even with the guy’s who wouldn’t let you play football with them. If you can create something better then do so or STFU. Even though a program lists its capabilities ahead of time you go ahead and run your mouth about how it doesn’t do something it already states it can’t. Your comments only have a following of Lemming type supporters who will jump off a cliff because you do. In other words they’re just as stupid.

  • Ron

    This very decent software illustrates my basic dislike of the GOTD “one day, today only” concept. The inability to reinstall at some future date, no matter what the reason, is too major a restriction for me.

    As I think we all know, software producers very often offer recent versions of their programs as a promotion. Two that are still active, afaict, are Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Pro http://dottech.org/freebies/10967 and Paragon Hard Disk Manager 8.5 http://dottech.org/freebies/2576

    Worth checking if you’re not already familiar with these offers.

    [Ashraf’s note: Ron I apologize for editing your links but I figure why link to an outside website that continually tries to attack dotTech when dotTech itself has articles on the same topic.]