“I tried to upgrade the memory and I can’t figure out how to get it back together” [Image]


The kicker? “I need it back by tomorrow.”

Here is the story regarding this poor laptop:

I work in an organization where one of our users, who holds an extremely high position, wishes he had gone into IT instead of his current field (even though his current field pays probably 10-20x more). Anyway, he always tries to fix his own problems with his underlings, and usually succeeds. As such, we like him a lot, as he tends to take a lot of the load off of our department. Unfortunately, he decided to take apart an old Acer Aspire One from ~2007 in order to upgrade the memory and didn’t realize that you have to remove EVERYTHING to do so. I wake up with this in a tupperware in my office mailbox.

My response will likely be “It’s broken.”

At least it was just a crappy old Acer.

[via trivial_sublime]

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