[iOS] Burner provides you with disposable phone numbers

screen568x568Everything I know about “burner” cell phones comes from seeing them used by drug dealers or criminals in popular films. And yet, despite their unsavory reputation, a “burner” number is actually something that can benefit many law-abiding citizens. If you need to share your phone number, but want to protect your identity, an app like Burner can help you by providing disposable phone numbers.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Burner provides disposable phone numbers, providing an extra layer of protection when you are communicating with people. If you are selling something on Craigslist, posting a personals ad, communicating with work colleagues, or just want to keep your personal information private, this app might appeal to you.


  • Excellent interface
  • Great for protecting your privacy
  • Earn free credits when you invite your friends to sign up
  • No limit on how many burners you can have or how long they can be in use
  • Use burner numbers to receive or send both calls and texts
  • Also includes voicemail!
  • Access your contacts


  • Push notifications must be turned on in order to get texts and missed calls
  • Operates on a paid “credit” system
  • Only works for US and Canadian numbers…for now
  • Only available for iPhone, not for iPad or iPod Touch
  • Will still use up minutes on your plan
  • Burner numbers cannot be recovered once “burned”
  • Burner can be used for texts, but not for multimedia text messages


screen568x5683Burner is a really great one-stop shop for anyone who wants to keep their true phone number a secret. This app would be of use to people who frequently buy or sell stuff on sites like Craigslist, or people who want to avoid sharing their phone numbers online (so as to avoid spam texts or sales calls.)

There’s a ton of flexibility in terms of getting your number and keeping it (though you should note that not all area codes have available burner numbers for you to use.) That being said, Burner isn’t entirely free to use. Your first sample burner numbers lasts for one day (or until you get 5 voicemails and/or 15 text messages.) There are a number of burner options you can use after that, costing anywhere from 3 to 10 credits.

The credit-based system does require you to pony up some dough (unless you have a ton of people you can refer to the service and get free credits.) 3 credits will cost $1.99, while 25 credits costs $11.99. To put those credit costs into perspective, 8 credits is enough to get you a 30-day burner.

Conclusion and download link

If you need to hide your true number while selling or networking online, Burner is a stupendous option. The app is easy to navigate. While the pricing system may make some users hestitate, you get what you pay for. Isn’t your privacy worth paying a little bit extra for?

Price: Free (but you must buy credits, starting at $1.99 for 3 credits)

Version reviewed: 1.6.7

Supported OS: Requires iOS 5.0 or later

Download size: 4.2 MB

Burner on Apple App Store

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  • DoktorThomas™

    The fact that any government demands to know who you are, where you are, what you are doing or what you writing signals their belief that you a pawn in their system; that you are actually not free.

    A government of free people has no fear of what its citizens are doing; this is the reason the US Constitution gave everyone (adults) the right to bear arms. With that the implied right to get the militia together and suppress unsavory freedom threatening activities without fear of government punishment. It was never intended that government would be responsible for that–lazy predecessors condoned that usurpation of power.

    That intersects with burner phones in that obtaining anything should not require the buyer to identify him/herself. In a free country, that is. Demanding your papers is Hilter-esque and is not lawful.

    If you want it so, you must demand it so. Terrorism is a BS justification of big brother governments.

    The world’s most evil terrorists are in Washington D.C.; the others are society hating cult mavens pretending to be religious. It is the civic duty of their fellow citizens to extinguish them … quickly ©2013

  • Rob (Down Under)

    In the book/movie “1984” the government monitors everything you do ‘real time’ (as you do it).
    In Australia in 2013 they (the government) adopted a different approach –
    – You must provide full identity details before being granted a phone number (sim card).
    – Ditto for bank accounts
    – They do not monitor you ‘real time’ instead, the Phone companies and the ISP’s must keep records of everything that you do. Then when some incident occurs, or a suspicion is raised, the police can look back into the records to see what you did, and where you were when you did it.

    I assume that the calls made with disposable numbers, can still be traced by ‘Big Brother’ back to you ?

    “Do it to Julia”,