• Emrys

    Ok. His English isn’t as good as Kang’s.

  • Emrys
  • Eric989

    I saw a funny sign like this just last week. It said “Too ugly to be a prostitute and too…” I didn’t get to read the rest.

  • Tom

    Bad grammar… “will not kill you for food”… but any other reason warrants your total destruction…

    Stay away… stay far away.

  • kevbo

    wej bIHegh Soj

  • Henfracar

    More Klingon duds. That’s what>

  • Dave

    I agree, IF it’s NOT a joke then this guy is a scammer at best. He has money to spend on that get up but not for food? Imagine what he would buy if he DID obtain alms?

  • JonE

    NO! But I hope it’s a joke too.

    I’m sure you’ve seen those signs that say, “Will Work for Food.” Every time I see someone with one of those signs I stop and offer them work. In every single case there is some reason why they can’t work. Not a one has worked and not a one has gotten food from me.

    I hope this is a joke; I have no pity on these sign holders.

  • etim

    I hope this guy’s doing that at a convention somewhere–as a joke–cause he looks a lot like my neighbor.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Here is a nice article about Gagh. Next to Bloodwine, it was probably the most frequently mentioned Klingon consumable.

    And, yes, I would feed the Klingon.

  • Raeldin

    Kep-mok blood ticks! Oh wait, I am mixing my parodies with real life.

  • doug

    What do Klingon’s eat?
    I bet it is gross.