Samsung shows off eco-friendly, waterproof, and fireproof printer


Samsung has gone completely green. Or at least that is what the company wants you to think. Samsung has introduced the Origami printer, which is made out of recycled cardboard and simplifies the manufacturing process and saves the environment by using less plastic in the process.

According to Wired, aside from the Origami printer, Samsung also has two other similar models, Clip and Mates, which are equally eco-friendly and cost-effective. The trio were highly recognized at the the 2013 International Design Excellence Awards.

Juehyun Jung, a senior designer at Samsung explains:

“It is not easy to apply a cover to a product’s engine unit. In addition to requiring knowledge about the part assembly sequence, there is the inconvenience of fastening a great number of screws.”

Despite of the fact that it is made out of cardboard, the printer is just as functional as its plastic counterparts and, more over, Samsung claims that it is water and fire proof (although Samsung refuse to explain the details). Currently, the Origami is still in the prototype process and we do not know when it will hit the stores nor do we know the price, but when it goes on sale later in the future, we do see it being cheaper compared to other printers.

You can check the prototypes in the below video:

What do you guys think? Would you buy one for yourself? Let us know in the comment section below.

[via Wired]

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