According to this teaser, the ‘best of Sony is about to get even better’ on September 4th


September 4th is starting to look really interesting. In addition to Samsung announcing its long-rumored smartwatch and Galaxy Note successor, Sony is prepping an announcement of their own. The company released a new teaser video, which says that “the best of Sony is about to get even better.”

If you remember when the Xperia Z was launched, it was called “the best of Sony in a smartphone.” So what can we expect from an Xperia Z successor? A pretty impressive camera, at least. The unannounced device which goes by the codename ‘Honami,’ has previously been rumored to have a 20-megapixel camera and 4K video recording. To push all those pixels, it’s going to need the specs to match it, so it should most likely be packing a Snapdragon 800 too. Sony’s Android UI is also expected to be getting a facelift but other than that and the fact that it will most definitely retain the water-proof capabilities of its predecessor, not much else is known.

With such a heavy push towards imaging capabilities, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony’s crazy lens attachment for smartphones makes an appearance as well.

[via Sony Xperia]

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