Every good deed deserves a white hat [Humor]


I don’t know about you, but this brought a smile to my face. Yes, yes I know: -50 man points for being emotional.

For those that are confused, ‘white hat’ is a term for hackers or computer security experts that use their skills or knowledge for good instead of evil.

[via GTech]

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  • Emrys

    All you guys are my White Hats. Esp. Ashraf. (He’s my hero).
    I get the best help from this community.

  • jayesstee

    [@Coyote] I think wearing a white hat might blow a spy’s cover?

  • Coyote

    [@jayesstee] I always thought it was a Spy vs Spy reference. But then I never understood why the white one was considered good, just because of the color of the hat…

  • jayesstee

    That was the definition for a “White Knight”. ¬†Same movie era, just a lot less of them (movies).

  • JonE

    [@jayesstee] You are so right, both over there and over here.

    And as I remember it “white hat” has always meant someone doing good deeds.

  • jayesstee

    If you were 50 years older, Ashraf, you’d remember black and white Cowboy movies where the good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore black.
    So simple, those days . . . .