• sragan5

    My ear hurts.
    Ya know idiot, when you asked if you could help me get up this tree, I said “Think about it. Use your brain.”
    What’d you say about a train? My ear really hurts.

  • Barbara Ann

    EEK! a mouse

  • heavy

    I told you not to get the claws on your back feet cut.

  • Sputnik

    Give me a little hand, I think I saw a tweetie bird up there !

  • Roger

    Wow! I can see Catalina from up here!

  • joopvanrij

    “Push! Sucker…!”

  • etim

    “You idiot! Drop yer tail again and I ain’t helping you back up!”

  • Jim-1

    I get high with a little help from my friends.

    But, how did the Beatles know about this picture? :-)

  • jack

    Once you get Mum’s stash, bring it down with you, don’t just drop it because it’s very hard to get your brothers, sisters and cousins to stop laughing, hissing & snarling, like hyenas or stuffing their bellies long enough to help you out of the tree. Falling out yourself is an option ….. But only if the stash falls out with you attached.

    Remember Mum’s ID parades aren’t real unless there are more cats than just cheetahs in them

  • Seamus McSeamus

    You call that a boost?

  • Never stand under someone climbing a greased tree.

  • Virtualguy

    “If you fart in my ear, I’m going to bite your ankles!”