Doctors intentionally added feces to patient brains, hospital fined $50,000 after three people die


A hospital has found itself in deep trouble after neurosurgeons introduced fecal bacteria (aka feces) to the brains of several patients, who ultimately died from the procedure. The hospital in question is UC Davis Medical Center, and right now two of its neurosurgeons could end up losing their jobs after pulling of this highly controversial procedure.

Three reported patients lost their lives to this procedure, all of which suffered from a last stage brain tumor (that would have killed them had the feces not). Furthermore, we understand the feces were prepped to eat away at tumor cells in the brain (aka it was designed to help treat brain tumors), but as you’ve come to find out, it didn’t work out as the doctors would have liked.

According to Health Leaders Media, this kind of procedure has never been tested on humans, so it is quite surprising to see two neurosurgeons take it upon themselves to fill the heads of patients with “shit,” literally. Furthermore, from what we understand, both doctors performed the feces to the brain procedure without alerting the patients and the hospital’s pharmacy.

UPDATE: It appears that patient consent was given to the doctors.

We understand these doctors might have thought they were onto something here, but without previous human trials, we feel this move was completely crossing the line and they should be punished severely. Sure patient consent was given but, as a healthcare giver, a doctor is in a position of power where most patients will listen to whatever advice they give. Indeed, doctors are the experts and if they tell a patient something, most patients will listen. We don’t know if the patients were properly warned of the risks or not, but we feel it is highly irresponsible for doctors to recommend patients to try procedures that have never been tested before. They may or may not lose their licenses, but at least UC Davis Medical Center was fined $50,000 due to this irresponsibility.

At the risk of sound like a jerk, I must say: this brings a whole new meaning to the term “poop for brains.”

[via Health Leaders Media, image via Assisted Living]

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