iWisoft Video Converter: Terrific freeware video and audio converter

Everyone knows dotTech’s favorite audio and video converter is FormatFactory. However a week or so ago Jeff, a dotTechie, brought iWisoft Video Converter to my attention, a freeware video and audio converter, as a possible software that can triumph FormatFactory (big thanks to you my friend). So here I am, looking to see if this program is worth our time or not.

Seeing as many dotTechies are regular GOTD’ers, I am sure many of us are familiar with Wondershare Video Converter Platinum. iWisoft Video Converter, as it turns out, seems to be very similar to Wondershare Video Converter Platinum:


Like Wondershare Video Converter Platinum, iWisoft Video Converter converts videos and audios, supports many input and output formats, can do basic video edits, supports batch processing, can rip audio from video, can merge multiple videos into one, converts very quickly, and has great output quality.


  • These are the input audio and video formats supported by iWisoft Video Converter:


  • These are the output audio, video, and image formats (yes you can convert your videos into images) supported by iWisoft Video Converter:


  • These are the electronic devices iWisoft Video Converter has specific output profiles for:


UPDATE FEB 16, 2013: iWisoft Video Converter hasn’t been updated since Nov 2010. While its video converting features are still useful and still work very well, it doesn’t have per-defined support for the latest electronic devices. You can still use iWisoft Video Converter to convert videos for the latest devices, like iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III; you just have to customize the output settings yourself as opposed to picking a pre-defined output profile.

  • iWisoft Video Converter can crop, trim, flip (horizontally/vertically), add some effects and change settings such as brightness, add an image watermark, and add text to videos:


Of course what good are all the features if the performance of iWisoft Video Converter stinks? Well rest assured, the performance is very commendable indeed. To test the performance of iWisoft Video Converter I used two videos:

  • A 17.8 MB 10 minute 40 seconds WMV video.
  • A 25 MB 30 seconds HD WMV video.

I converted both videos to an AVI video at default settings…


…and a MP4 video at default settings:


Also, I converted the same videos to the same output formats at the same output settings with FormatFactory so I could compare iWisoft Video Converter vs FormatFactory. Here are results:


1:1 Output Quality means the quality of output video is as good as, or very similar to, the input video to the naked human eye on an average size computer screen.

For the tests I did, the results are fairly mixed; in some areas FormatFactory topped iWisoft Video Converter while in other areas iWisoft Video Converter topped FormatFactory. Generally speaking, however, iWisoft Video Converter is less computer resource (CPU and RAM) intensive than FormatFactory while the output video filesize is smaller with videos converted with FormatFactory than iWisoft Video Converter. The one most notable difference between the two was the fact that iWisoft Video Converter’s HD WMV -> MP4 was of much better quality than FormatFactory’s. So, FormatFactory and iWisoft Video Converter both are terrific video converters – they both do everything very well; however if I were to draw a line somewhere, I would say iWisoft Video Converter performs better with high quality (H.264)/HD videos than FormatFactory while FormatFactory excels with SD (standard quality) videos.

Keep in mind the results above are at the default values for output videos settings of iWisoft Video Converter. The results I list above will vary greatly depending on input videos and output video settings; if a user wants greater quality of output video, he or she can raise the video bitrate (both programs allow for this), but that will also raise the time it takes to convert the video and the output video filesize. Also, an HD input video -> HD output video will always result in better quality than HD input video -> non-HD input video.

Now if the performance results confused you don’t worry – they are confusing. Let me sum up with one last sentence: iWisoft Video Converter is a great video and audio converting tool. I personally will be sticking to FormatFactory for most of my file converting needs (I need the image converting capabilities of FormatFactory which iWisoft Video Converter cannot do) but I highly recommend iWisoft Video Converter to anyone that wants an excellent freeware video and audio converter, or wants an alternative to FormatFactory.

You may grab iWisoft Video Converter from the following links:

Version reviewed: v1.2

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7

iWisoft Video Converter homepage [direct download]

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  • Raju Suryawanshi

    when i am converting file swf to mp4. audio is missing in output file, what is the problem

  • Keith Barnett

    How does this compare to DVDVideoSoft ? Theres a lot of different conversions on DVDVideoSoft.

  • Hamza

    Thank you Ashraf.
    Format Factory was my favourite video and audio converter and I didn’t think that there are another freeware similar to (or better than) it.

  • Sherwood Tucker

    Hi Ash,
    I loaded onto win7 x 64 and when search for
    file to convert program stops working???
    And as always with most coverters I have seen
    will not do SWF input…must buy a separate program.
    However I have Aunsoft SWF converter (I think GOTD?)
    Which works ok but slow…
    Why these programmers do not combine SWF? What is the big deal with SWF?
    Anyway thanks for your help with all the great info!

  • 3K3

    Hello Ashraf and everybody
    I made iWisoft Free Video Converter Portable.
    I’m posting a link to the zip package:

  • phil

    thanks Ashraf. Good Stuff as usual.

  • Jyo

    Hey, does this support subtitles?

  • Doru

    Ok.It not work.It work only one day.

  • Doru

    After install free version,install trial(shareware)version.Maybe this is motivation that i can open and cut swf?.

  • @Ashraf: Ok. I happen to like them since it allows me to know very quickly what you think of the program.

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: Eh. I usually don’t use the bad/good/recommended ones except for formal “reviews”. I may start in the future though.

  • @Ashraf: No I ment the “Good” one.

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: The “dotTech Favorite” one? I haven’t considered iWisoft as a “favorite” yet which is why I didn’t put it up.

  • @Ashraf: I just realized something. You didn’t use the dotTech Approval Image!

  • Ashraf

    @Ron: You are welcome.

    @Doru: I don’t understand what you are talking about. One is freeware (no trial) and one is shareware (trial). They are two different software by the same company.

    @Samuel: Cool; thanks. And you are welcome at the same time =).

    @Doru: I tried SWF with iWisoft Video Converter and it won’t let me input SWF. So I don’t know how it worked for you.

  • Doru

    I still believe that is a clone.You say that don’t work free version with swf but work.I convert and cut a swf easy.Thank for this clone.I will use it together with:Moyea video 4 web and Format Factory,etc.

  • @Ashraf, yes I’m reading this, as to the batch file, I’ll wip up a generic version and give it as an article.

    Originally, I was going to skip this one but then guess what plopped on my desk today; A HD FLV video! So it looks like I will be needing it. So thanks for the review!

  • Doru

    When i say Pro i make refferance at trial(shareware) version with serial,activation.

  • Ron

    Thanks Ashraf, great information as usual.

  • Ashraf

    @Farrukh: Nah. Cake tastes better. iWisoft Video Converter tastes like… silicon =P.

    @Helmer: Thank you for the kind words! I do hope you enjoy your stay and come back on a regular basis =).

    @Wheezer: Interesting. I am sure many people will be happy to know this can be made portable.

    @Mr. Lee: I bet Samuel knows how; I am sure he will be willing to help out if he reads this.

    @Doru: What Pro version? You mean their SWF converter?

    @PTLdom: Already posted about it: http://dottech.org/freebies/12245.

    @Jeanjean: I am thinking false positive: http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/4829a0943b1b2668e1d6731a3d02886b95aac30a3184a04d8a2d2b7cdb910879-1259103868

    @Joshua: No problem.

    @Slavka: Convert the DVD to another video format? Have you tried FormatFactory? It can convert DVDs from DVD disc or DVD folder to other video formats. I believe the DVD folder one should do the trick for you.

    @Albi: Well I don’t know much about the company, but as far as I can tell the program itself is safe. And it seems to work well so I don’t see why it shouldn’t serve your FLV -> WMV/MPEG needs.

    @allwyn: Indeed. I am thinking all of these companies are either the same and just selling under different names or they are all OEMs of the same product.

    @Doru: SWF to Video Converter is by iWisoft also. iWisoft Video Converter can’t do SWF conversions but iWisoft SWF to Video Converter can (obviously). iWisoft Video Convert is freeware, which is why it doesn’t have watermarks, while iWisoft SWF To Video Converter is shareware, which is why it has watermarks. They are two different software by the same company.

  • Doru

    Here is the real link of the real Iwisoft that is trial.


    If Jean find a virus perhabs this is a clone of the real soft.


    The fre trial put a watermark.At the version from here on their different home page it say that is without watermark and no time limit.Why to be a two versions of Iwisoft?One with watermark and one without watermark?Nonsens,no logic.



    [Message from Ashraf: I combined all four of your comments into one.]

  • allwyn

    its interface is similar to aimersoft HD video converter…

  • Albi

    Hello Ashraf,
    Thanks a lot for your very detailed and useful reviews. I was just concerned about the fact that this is not a very well-known application. Is it a safe one? Is this company reliable? I’m also more interested to convert FLV to WMV or MPEG. Does it convert into these 2 formats with a good quality?
    Thank you.

  • Slavka

    does anyone know good freeware program which could convert DVD video (already saved in single folder as a bunch of *.vob, *.bup *.ifo files into .mkv file with multiple sound tracks and separate .srt files with caption?

    All those freeware conversion utilities I have seen so far tend to convert each .vob file separately …

  • Joshua

    My friend has been having a bit of trouble getting FF to work on his Vista machine, so thanks for the review: I’ll let him know about it.

  • Jeanjean

    VirusBuster on “Virus total” detects a problem :
    False positive perhaps ?!

  • PTLdom

    Ashraf, Iobit is givingaway a FastVideoConverter Pro, from Fast DVD, for thanksgiving.

    Check the link at ioobit’s home page.

  • Doru

    Maybe in time we will find Pro version at Gaotd or like a promotion.

  • Mr. Lee

    “Wheezer” mentions the following in his post above:

    Note: This program will run just fine from a Flash Drive on multiple computers. However, it does create a %HOMEPATH%\My Documents\iWisoft Video Converter directory when launched. This could be eliminated via a simple batch file that removes the directory on shutdown. I.E: rmdir “%SystemDrive%%HOMEPATH%\My Documents\iWisoft Video Converter\” /s/q”

    My question: Does anyone know specifically, how to use a batch file to accomplish whatever the need may be. I have read elsewhere the same type of suggestion. One that comes to mind involves making the old (but still very useful) program “Keynote” portable. I’m sure there are others that don’t have a clue what this means. Any help out there?

  • Wheezer

    Another winner! I’m still keeping and will be using Format Factory, but I like the editing abilities of iWisoft Video Coverter. Especially being able to easily add image and text watermarks.

    I was looking around on the internet and found the following info at pendriveapps.com:

    “How to make iWisoft Free Video Converter Portable

    Download The Free Video Converter and run through the install to your PC (uncheck create a Start Menu Folder and Desktop Icon)

    Copy the C:\Program Files\iWisoft Free Video Converter folder to your USB device

    Launch the program using VideoConverter.exe

    Uninstall the software from your computer and continue to run it from your Flash Drive

    Note: This program will run just fine from a Flash Drive on multiple computers. However, it does create a %HOMEPATH%\My Documents\iWisoft Video Converter directory when launched. This could be eliminated via a simple batch file that removes the directory on shutdown. I.E: rmdir “%SystemDrive%%HOMEPATH%\My Documents\iWisoft Video Converter\” /s/q”

    I think I’m gonna uninstall it from my computer and then follow those instructions so I can run it off my external hard drive. My computer is gett’n full of all these free programs Ashraf and friends keep finding for us.

    “Thank you(!)” to Jeff and Ashraf for getting the word out about this program.

  • Helmer

    Thank you for yeat another valuable review! I am pretty new to this site, but as far as i can judge today this must be one of the “interwebz” most valuable sources for software reviews and other related stuff. To put it mildly, i am heavily impressed and also overwhelmed by all the versatile skills shown by the author(s).

  • Seems like a piece of cake :)