Millennium Falcon vs USS Enterprise [Infographic]


(Click above to enlarge the infographic.)

Will I be ridiculed for admitting I’ve never watched Star Trek? I heart Star Wars, though.

[via MakeUseOf]

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  • Susanne

    A friend & I were talking about Star Trek /Wars the other day, and how for many of us they’ve been as much a part of our lives, from childhood right into adulthood, as Coke or Ford or Crest toothpaste (we were trying to think of things that have been around seemingly forever). Unique in the history of entertainment I should think. And I still love ’em both.

  • Daniel

    [@Jennifer] He did say he never watched the show, so I’ll give him a pass on that one. A very small pass, and assume he’s also created the graphic on NO sleep.

  • Tractor beams have been in Star Trek from the very beginning, not just Star Wars. Also in later series, DS9 particularly, they started using Quantum torpedoes too. They still used Photon torpedoes but the Quantum torpedoes are more powerful. Otherwise pretty good. Now what about adding the Yamato (Star Blazers) to this comparison?

  • Jennifer

    Uhh, Maximum ? wrap ???
    Sustainable ? wrap ???