Microsoft Windows is not responding [Image]


I wonder how that happens. For those that are confused, typically the name of the program not responding in shown in the top-left corner of this dialog box. In this case, it is Microsoft Windows, although it should be mentioned a non-critical part of Windows is probably not responding hence why you are still able to view this dialog box.

Side note: I wonder how many dotTechies tried to press the End Process button in the above screenshot, by instinct.

[via Sev456]


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  • DoktorThomas™

    Just like MSFT support … still waiting!

    Hey there are OS alternatives. Why not do an extended feature on them? Could be an opportunity for those code writers to increase their market share–naturally one free license per feature reader would be excellent to spread their popularity. Some of us have more than two dozen PC machines (looking to change) …. and still loathe MSFT.