Samsung’s latest ad reminds us that laptops are killing our posture [Video]


If you’re a regular laptop user, there’s a very good chance that you’ve found yourself using your computer in a strange position. Sometimes, it just takes too much effort to plop up your device on a desk at the right height that would be deemed healthy. Or just you know, not completely destructive of our fragile necks and backs.

This latest commercial from Samsung pokes fun at those silly positions we find ourselves in, and how we might end up if we keep using our laptops that way. Check it out:

It’ll probably never get as bad as having to walk around the outside world like some kind of dinosaur, but it’s a nice little reminder to straighten up our backs and get that screen at eye-level — it’ll be good for all of us. It’s also a pretty nice ad too. More of this please, Samsung.

How many of you are guilty of these positions? I know I end up like this when using the laptop in bed far too often. Let us know in the comments!

[via TheSamsungBeneluxGizmodo]

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