Canadian family vows to live a year without post-1986 modern technology


Ever hear your parents complain about how the “good old days” were better? Yeah, well, Blair McMillan and his girlfriend Morgan are taking it to the next level… by forcing all modern technology out of their lives for one year. Yes, you heard that right — McMillan decided to ban all post-1986 technology from his house for one year.

McMillan did this in response to seeing his two kids, Trey (5-years-old) and Denton (2-years-old), constantly spend time on McMillan’s iPhone and iPad and not bothering to do anything else, like go outside and play. The idea here is to try to decrease the dependency on modern technology by his kids, and to parent “our kids the same way we were parented for a year just to see what it’s like”. (McMillan was born in 1986, if you are wondering why he decided 1986.)

The family started back in April and have until April 2014 to live without modern conveniences likes the internet, smartphones, tablets, modern computers, GPS, etc. How have they survived so far? Well, they are still alive aren’t they?

I don’t know about you but I personally feel this is a bit extreme. Why not simply hide your iPhone, iPad, etc. if you want your kids to stop using them? Plus, are you sure you really want your kids to stop using them? Kids at that age are in the learning process and quickly pick up things like technology. In my opinion, in today’s modern world, the more kids learn about technology the higher chances of them being successful. This isn’t, after all, 1986. You may be able to stop your kids from using modern technologies but what will stop other kids?

[via Geekologie, Laughing Squid, TorontoSun]

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