The stupidity of this user will shock you [Humor]


The best response I have to this story is: head-to-desk.

[via Ski_3143]

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  • davidroper

    [@Seamus McSeamus] I’m impressed with your IQ, you didn’t say Their, or there. LOL

  • Seamus McSeamus

    [@davidroper] They’re just being proactive.

  • davidroper

    Just read this…speaking of Stupidity (keeping it relevant)
    Notice anything funny here?

    What’s new in this version: Version A new default GOM Player 2.2 Skin has been applied. Volume can now be boosted to 200%. UI Transparency Slider added. Bookmark Feature Improved. Changes the File Associations window for Windows 9. Playback status icon added to taskbar icon. Message reflecting window size changes added. Internal support added for multiple codecs. A buffer overflow security issue has been corrected. Audio sync issue with some Xvid videos corrected. Improved ability to properly recognized display aspect ratio. Improved ability to display “Current Frame” information. Other misc. corrections and fixes.


    I’ll tell you…

    When did Windows 9 come out? Have I been Rip Van Winkling it?


  • davidroper

    [@etim] That is even worse than voting, my wife said as I read her your retort. We are both sick of what’s happening in DC to our wonderful nation where I can still fuss at Ashraf and still be friends with him.

    Right, A* ?

  • etim

    [@davidroper] …and allowed to reproduce.

  • Karl J. Gephart

    I believe you! Left AOL in ’02 after working there 4 years in tech support! “I can’t find the Start button” constantly!

  • davidroper

    and they vote, too.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    People, before we turn the computer on, we must also make sure that our brains are engaged and not just sitting in park.