I’m chatting with you in English but “I don’t speak English, hablo espanol” [Humor]


As it turns out, this conversation didn’t end there and later on the person told tech support that s/he was/is using a translator service to chat. Which then brings up the question, was the translator service at fault for mistranslating the directions provided by tech support or was this person just an idiot.

[via ssSerendipityss]

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  • Bub

    I don’t see the humor in this one. Woman doesn’t speak English, uses a translator service to access English-only online help, translator service does poor job, woman is frustrated.

  • The translator service I suspect. If you want some fun, try translating something from English through about 6 languages and back to English. It may be understandable but you will still find it funny.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    I’m betting it was an 85/15 split between idiot and translation. Any time idiot is an option in conjunction with something else, weigh heavily towards idiot. Add teenager as a component, multiply the idiot quotient by a factor of at least 5.

    (Aside: Yayyyyyyy! The edit function is back! Thanks, Ashraf.)