[Windows] Best free PDF creator (printer or converter) — Bullzip vs PrimoPDF vs 7-PDF vs PDFill vs PDF24

PDF (Portable Document Format) is arguably one of the most widely used electronic document formats, especially when sharing files via the web or email. It is therefore only natural for persons to want to make their documents available in a format which is considered to be somewhat of a standard when it comes to electronic documents.

The beauty of PDFs lies in their portability. With other document types, formatting and compatibility depends on the software being used to view or create the document — documents may not be displayed correctly due to differences in version, author of the software, or even operating system. However with the PDF format, regardless of the software used to create or view the PDF, PDFs are displayed correctly on pretty much all computers and operating systems using any modern PDF reader. This clearly is why PDFs are a desirable electronic document format for sharing documents.

Whether it is a report you wish to put together a curriculum vitae you wish to submit, or a graphic which you need to submit to a commercial printer, you may find that you need to produce a body of text or an image as a PDF. That is why we have put together a review of the best free PDF printers/creators. Read on to learn more.


PDF creators come in two types.

The first is the PDF virtual printer, which allows the user to create a PDF from within any program that supports printing. By hitting print in a program — the program can be any type of program, such as a document viewer or an image viewer —  selecting the PDF virtual printer as the target printer, you are able to convert any website, document, file, image, etc. to PDF format. With PDF printers, anything you can print is able to be turned into PDF.

The second type is the PDF converter, which allows users to select documents for conversion to PDFs from within a standalone program. Unlike PDF printers that allow you to create PDFs by simply using the print function inside any program, PDF converters are not printers and only work with specific file formats that the developer of PDF converters set them to work with. The advantage of PDF converters, however, is that they do not rely on secondary components such as Ghostscript (which most PDF printers require). Also, with PDF printers you need to actually be able to open a file/document/etc. to print it into a PDF; with PDF converters, however, you do not need to open the original file/document/etc. — you can simply throw the file into a PDF converter and convert it to PDF. This is extremely useful if you are in a situation where you don’t have the program required to open the original file (e.g. you have a DOCX file you want to convert to PDF but don’t have a program that lets you view DOCX files and thus you can’t print them to PDF).

If you are looking for PDF creator software which meets this criteria then you are in the right place. Yes, here is dotTech’s take on the best free PDF creators available for Windows.

This review is part of our Best Free Windows Software section. Check out more articles on the best free Windows programs by clicking here.

Table of Contents [7-PDF Maker vs PDFill vs PDF24 Creator vs Bullzip vs PrimoPDF]

Best Free PDF Creator

7-pdf makerProgram Name: 7-PDF Maker

Note: 7-PDF Make comes bundled with bloatware/crapware during install. Be very careful while installing it, or grab the portable version.

Developer: 7-PDF Maker

Download Size: 53.06MB

Version Reviewed: 1.4.1

Supported OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP


  • Is a PDF converter, so you don’t need to have Ghostscript installed to use it and you don’t need to be able to open a file in order to convert it to PDF
  • Supports conversion of over 80 file and image formats to PDF
  • Capable of batch processing, of converting files to PDFs in batches
  • Has several security features, like encryption of output PDFs
  • When converting document files like Word files to PDF, 7-PDF Maker ensures that hyperlinked words remain hyperlinked in output PDFs
  • Has a portable version (but portable version is shareware, not freeware — installer version is freeware)


  • It would have been nice if 7-PDF Maker came with a virtual printer, too, thus combing the advantages of both a PDF printer and PDF converter
    • NOTE: If you really want a PDF virtual printer, you can download 7-PDF-Printer separately.
  • Download size is a bit high when compared to other PDF creators, namely PDF printers
  • 7-PDF Make comes bundled with bloatware/crapware during install. Be very careful while installing it, or grab the portable version.


Out of all of the programs reviewed here today, 7-PDF Maker is the only PDF converter.

Immediately, one of the features which sets 7-PDF maker apart from other PDF creators is its ability to convert over 80 file and image formats directly to PDF. Some of these formats include:

  • Microsoft Office 2007 Files(.docx, .xlsx, .pptx)
  • Microsoft Office Files(.doc, .xls, .ppt)
  • OpenOffice.org 1.0 Files(.sxw, .sxc, .swi)
  • OpenDocument Files(.odt, .ods, .odp, .odg, .odf)
  • StarOffice Files(.sdw, .sdc, .swi, .smf, .vor)
  • Text based files(.rtf, .txt, .csv)
  • Maths Files(.mml, .odf, .sxm, .smf)
  • Image Files(.eps, .tif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp)
  • AutoCad/Data Interchange formats(.dxf, .dif)

You have the option of adjusting several parameters in order to produce the PDF which best satisfies your needs. First are the General PDF settings. You can decide whether you want to create a tagged PDF, export notes, export bookmarks or create a PDF using the PDF/A-1 standard. With image settings you can select whether you want to utilize lossless compression or you can select the level of compression you desire. You can also choose to reduce image resolution if you so desire.

In terms of security, You have the option of enabling encryption and password protecting your PDF files with a 128-bit password as well as limiting the permissions of a particular PDF. You have the option of enabling or disabling the following actions:

  • All changes
  • Inserting, deleting and rotating pages
  • Filling in form fields
  • Commenting, filling in form fields
  • All changes except the extraction of pages( under this option you can choose whether to enable copying of content or text-access for accessibility tools or not)

You can also limit the quality of the document printed.

7-PDF allows the user to specify where and how they want their resulting PDF files to be saved and users also have the option of opening the created PDF after conversion is complete with the PDF viewer of their choice.

Please not that in order to carry out a batch PDF conversion that you will have to make use of the command line interface. Additionally, 7-PDF does not allow users the facility of adding watermarks to their created PDFs. Also unlike some of the other programs reviewed, 7-PDF does not allow for the conversion of documents to other formats other than PDF.

7-PDF maker offers users a highly customizable PDF creation experience and is very easy to use. This should easily satisfy all of your PDF creation needs.

Runner Up

PDFill PDF and Image writerProgram Name: PDFill PDF and Image Writer

Developer: PlotSoft

Download Size: 7.46MB

Version Reviewed: 10.0

Supported OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP


PDFill PDF and Image writer is another powerful PDF creator which should meet the needs of most users. It also comes bundled with a PDF editor which I will not really touch on since we are focusing on PDF creation capabilities.

Unlike 7-PDF Maker, PDFill is a PDF printer which means that software capable of converting any file/page/document/etc. into PDF vis-a-vis the print function inside any program.

The PDF creator, or writer as it is referred to within the program, is laid out in tabs with each tab representing a different function.The tabs are as follows:

  • Output Options
  • Optimization
  • Description
  • Security
  • View Preference
  • Presentation
  • Rotate & Crop

Output options allows the user to define a default folder for the saving of created PDF files among other options. You can choose to use and define a default folder or have PDFill prompt you to select a save location every time you are creating a PDF. You can also specify how you want your files named and how to handle the possibilities of any files being overwritten. Under output options there are several self explanatory post processing options you can choose from. These are:

  • Email PDF
  • Merge PDF
  • Split or Reorder PDF
  • Reformat PDF
  • Header or Footer PDF
  • Watermark PDF by Text
  • Watermark PDF by Image
  • Watermark PDF by Image

The Optimization tab displays features related to the output quality of the PDF. The following Optimization options are available:

  • Screen: smallest PDF for onscreen viewing with only 72 dpi images
  • Ebook: smaller PDF for online download with image compressed
  • Printer: Larger PDF for home and office printers with high-resolution images
  • Prepress: Larger PDF for commercial quality printers with high-resolution images and embedded fonts

You can also manually select your desired PDF resolution(dpi). The Max Inline Image size can also be specified(bytes). Pages can also be autorotated and the process color model can be specified( Grayscale, RGB, CMYK ). You can also choose to compress embedded fonts.

Options under the Description tab allow for the title, author, subject, keywords, created date, creator, producer and PDF standard/version of the impending PDF to be specified.

Encryption allows for a a password and encryption standards to be specified. You have a choice between40 bit RC4 or 128-bit RC4. The following features can also be opted into or out of:

  • Allow printing
  • Allow Modifying contents
  • Allow copying
  • Allow modifying annotations
  • Allow filling in
  • Allow screen readers
  • Allow assembly
  • Allow degraded printing

Viewing preferences can also be specified.You can choose how you want the PDF to be displayed when first opening it with these options

Presentation features can also be selected. Each page’s display duration can be set, transition effects can be set as well as the duration of any such effects.

PDF files created can also be rotated and cropped according to the user’s preferences under the Rotate & Crop tab.

With the image printer, the output folder can be selected, you can choose to view the file after saving and you can also add a time stamp to the file name. The following file types can be chosen for output:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • BMP
  • TIF
  • GIF

Other customization options are available to be adjusted such as the image resolution, rotation and flip options.

A button which allows access to the program’s features can be added to Microsoft, Word, Excel and Powerpoint if so desired.

PDFill is honestly a great program you should give PDFill a try and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Honorable Mention 1

PDF24Program Name: PDF24 Creator

Developer: Geek Software

Download Size: 15.17MB

Version Reviewed: 5.7

Supported OS: Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP


In addition to getting a great PDF printer by installing PDF24, you will also have access to a PDF editor as well as a virtual fax printer.

PDF24 Creator offers users a high level of customizability in order to specifically tailor the PDFs they wish to create to their needs.

For example, the quality of output document can be selected. The options provided for adjusting the quality are low, medium, good and best. You also have the option of choosing which PDF standard you wish to use. You can choose either PDF 1.2, PDF 1.3, PDF 1.4, PDF 1.5, PDF/X-3, PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2. You can also choose which color model you wish to use. The options are as follows: RGB, CMYK and Gray.

In terms of Security you have the option of either using or not using the various security settings. You can set a password for encryption. You can also select the permissions allowed for each PDF such as: Print, edit, restructure, copy text and images, fill fomrs, add and change comments. You can also specify if a password will be required to open the resulting PDF.

Additionally, PDF24 allows for the signing of PDFs with a digital signature certificate of your choice.

Text watermarks can also be set. PDF24 also supports digital paper. Image resolution can be specified and the level of image compression can also be specified.

In addition to converting to PDFs, PDF24 can convert files to the following formats:

  • PostScript(.ps)
  • Encapsulated PostScript(.eps)
  • Printer Command Language(.psl)
  • Portable Network Graphics(.png)
  • JPEG
  • Bitmap(.bmp)
  • Picture Exchange(.pcx)
  • Tagged Image File Format(.tiff)
  • Photoshop Format(.psd)

My biggest gripe with PDF24 is that it requires the pdf24.exe process to be constantly running in order for the program to function as desired. Otherwise it is another great PDF creator.

Honorable Mention 2bullzip pdf

Program Name: Bullzip

Developer: Bullzip

Download Size: 10.11MB

Version Reviewed:

Supported OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP


Bullzip is a well laid out PDF printer with several features for creating top notch PDF files.

Like PDFill, Bullzip’s options are laid out in tabs. The Document tab allows for the author, title, subject and keywords to be specified. Pdf quality can also be set(default, screen, ebook, printer, prepress). In addition, The initial zoom level can be set and the desired PDF standard can be specified(PDF 1.1-1.7).

The Image tab allows the user to control the creation of an image file and offers control over settings such as horizontal and vertical resolution, text alpha bits and graphics alpha bits.

The Watermark tab is pretty much self-explanatory and allows for the creation of a watermark within a created PDF. Users can adjust the appearance of the text under this tab.

The Merge tab as you would have guessed allows for the merging of documents. It also allows users to superimpose documents. Simply select a desired previous PDF as the background and continue on with the creation of your PDF. This comes in handy if you have a PDF file which contains a letter head.

Security allows the user to set either 40 or 128 bit encryption for their created PDF.

Users also have the option of either opening the destination folder after creation or the document itself. This function can be enabled or disabled under the Actions tab.

Bullzip allows for the creation of the following file formats in addition to PDFs:

  • Bitmap(.bmp)
  • Encapsulated PostScript(.eps)
  • JPEG
  • Picture Exchange(.pcx)
  • Portable Network Grahics(.png)
  • PostScript(.ps)
  • Tagged Image File Format(.tiff)

Bullzip and PDF24 Creator are both excellent options and offer users a wide range of functionality.

Honorable Mention 3PrimoPDF

Program Name: PrimoPDF

Developer: Nitro PDF Software

Download Size: 7.2MB

Version Reviewed:

Supported OS: Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP


PrimoPDF is very straightforward to use. A few clicks and you will be on your way to creating a high quality, highly portable document.

Primo PDF is organized according to quality settings which are as follows:

  • Screen: Smallest files, images suitable for onscreen viewing only
  • Ebook: Medium files for web and office. Images are compressed
  • Print: Large files, photos retain high quality for printing
  • Prepress: Argest files, preserves source image quality if possible
  • Custom: Allows users to manually adjust image colors in order to achieve desired quality

Each setting allows for the setting of title, author, subject, keywords. Also, users have the option to add PDF security if desired. You can choose for the created PDF to require a password to open the document and/or for the PDF to require a password in order to change security settings and access specific functions.

Simply select the configuration you desire and that’s it. PrimoPDF quite possibly allows for the quickest PDF creation out of all the other programs reviewed here in this article.

Other Alternatives

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  • PDFaid

    Nice List..however these are all desktop installable software..There are several web applications online that can do a lot of these pdf manipulation and editing operations. May be a separate post to describe all the web application.


  • Chriss Baile

    To convert to PDF from different sources and back I would recommend free online service multi-convert.com. The interface is user friendly and easy to use. Also it has possibility to convert from archives and urls.

  • melen001

    Took you up on your recommendation and installed 7-PDF Writer/Printer as well so I’m know using both Maker/Creator & Printer from 7-PDF and decided to do so as to have both from the same software developer. Just think that this just might be more convenient. I have uninstalled DORO PDF Writer/Printer which, by the way, is an excellent tool it’s that I just wanted to have both Maker/Creator & Writer/Printer from the same company. 7-PDF Writer has much more options and features than DORO so I guess I did the right thing. Currently using CoolPdf Reader as my default. And about OpenCandy… I downloaded from 7-PDF web page and there was no sign of installing OpenCandy.

  • melen001


    Forgot to mention that I use Cool PDF Reader as my default…

  • melen001

    Great article and review of PDF printers & Creators (Writer) … I have installed on my machine, for the past few years, Doro PDF Writer as my virtual printer and have just installed (today) 7-PDF Maker as my creator. I needed a PDF creator because, as you know, a PDF writer/printer (virtual printer) will only create a PDF from Wins Docs. I can tell you that I installed 7-PDF Maker from it’s Web site and there was no CRAP-WARE bundled during the installation. The good part is that neither of these PDF tools interfere with each other and both perform exceptionally well. 7-PDF Maker is now a CLEAN INSTALL and that’s good news. If anyone needs a PDF printer/writer I would recommend DORO PDF Writer so you can take a look at it and decide for yourself… >>> http://thesz.diecru.eu/content/index.php ….. It’s loaded with features which are mentioned in your review so I’m glad to have found your article and I will use it extensively. Thanks for the advice and most valuable tips. Your the man William E. …

  • poppajoe49

    When I use a virtual PDF printer, I first do a Print Preview, and determine what pages I want printed, that way I can tell it to print page numbers and it will exclude other pages, for example, if I want the article, but not the comments, I would print pages 1-6 or wherever the article ends and comments begin. I can also move the right margin to remove ads.

  • poppajoe49

    Thank You Ashraf for another excellent review and recommendation! I had eXPert PDF from a previous giveaway, and lost it when the old Vista machine died. I have a major need for a program that will print from a webpage to a PDF, and PDFill PDF and Image Writer fits the bill perfectly!
    Thanks again!

  • Luis

    The only one i’ve found that preserves hyperlinks when printing web pages is this:
    (is a mozilla addon)

  • Giovanni

    I think you missed these great FREE ALTERNATIVES:

    http://www.girdac.com/Products/PDF-Converters/Free-PDF-Creator/Info/Features.htm (supports over 300 Windows apps)
    http://www.dopdf.com (it does not require either GhostScript or .NET)



    And finally to create a PDF file by extracting text from an image or from a scanned document for FREE (OCR), or just extract text from a PDF file in order to make it editable?

    http://www.paperfile.net (==> It uses the powerful Tesseract engine by Google)

  • storageman

    I discovered a long time back that saving a webpage with file save as created hundreds of small files and lots of sub-folders. I started using virtual printers so the hundreds now became a single file (PDF).
    I have discovered a major issue and not sure where the root cause is.
    If I save this current page with almost any “virtual printed” the results are very different based on the browser.
    1. From Firefox, using W2PDF the “size” is 524,152 and NOT a good rendering, in fact most of the pages are almost blank.
    2. From IE using W2PDF the size is 1,540,062 and is very good and includes all the comments – (14 pages total in Adobe reader)
    Since FF is my primary browser, I would love to find a virtual printer that works.

    Anyone have any ideas.
    FYI: I have installed PDF Architect, PDF Creator , PDF 24 and others but the problems are similar.

  • Just found that my updated version of pdf xchange (2012) did not actually work as well as the previous version (v4)
    Comparing the two on the same Word file I found that for the 2012 version:
    the output pdf file is twice the size,
    table columns were not lined up properly
    and there seems to be no option to allow urls to be hyperlinked (which there was in v4)
    So I decided to use the very useful review here (thanks William) and try out a new pdf printer.

    I opted for Bullzip and it has a most amazing feature that seems to have been overlooked in this review.

    It has what are called “option sets” which are different sets of the output settings.

    When you print to a pdf you can choose which option set to apply to that particular pdf.

    So you can set up option sets that have a particular folder as the folder to save the pdf in, which for me is a real timesaver. Just choose the option set from the dropdown rather than navigating through the file system to find the save folder.

    I have a few folders I regularly save to, so I just set these up as different option sets. (you need to untick the “remember folder” option for this to work)

    Also you can set the author / title info to be different in each option set

  • Ashraf

    [@Hansy] The portable version is SHAREWARE — it will have a watermark. The installer version is FREEWARE — it doesn’t have a watermark.

  • Hansy
  • Ashraf

    [@CJ Cotter] You shut off your internet which is why you didn’t get any requests. No internet == no OpenCandy.

  • William E.

    [@CJ Cotter]

    Like you I received no recommendations, but some people will as suggested by the license agreement.

  • davidroper

    [@CJ Cotter] CJ, I just downloaded the link you provided and read the license, it has the following in both the German section and the English section, I copy it here for you. (section B)


    OpenCandy End User License Agreement (EULA)

    Date of last revision: March 7, 2012


    end of Copy here

    Maybe you have your Halloween candy in your dish early?? ;-)

  • CJ Cotter

    Those of you complaining of third-party crapware and Open Candy in the installer……where did you get your download? I got my download here: http://www.7-pdf.de/en There was no attempt or request by 7p141.exe to install anything else. I shut off my internet in the event that Open Candy tried to call home.

  • Ashraf

    [@William E.] It is OK, brain farts happen :-)

  • William E.


    I tested every single program. I am yet to see a watermark. Did you download this file http://www.7-pdf.de/sites/default/files/downloads/7-pdf-maker/7p141.exe ?

  • davidroper

    Seamus and I declare CL has hit the fan.

  • William E.


    Sorry for confusing you… an error on my part.

  • William E.

    [@Barbara Ann]

    I found this info within the 7-pdf maker license agreement:


    1. What We Do

    The developer of the software (“Software”) you are installing has chosen to use the OpenCandy Network (“We”) to provide recommendations of other third party software. All third party software participating in the OpenCandy Network must adhere to strict policies that ensure only compliant software is recommended. In the event an OpenCandy recommendation is shown, the recommendations will only occur once during the installation of the Software.

    2. How Our Recommendations Work

    As part of the installation process, a temporary file transmits anonymous, non-personally identifiable information about your computer system in order to help us determine what third party software would be appropriate to recommend. If a recommendation is shown and you choose to install such recommended third party software, then the third party software will be downloaded and installed. If a recommendation is not shown, or you choose not to install such recommended third party software, then no third party software will be downloaded or installed.

    Reasonable efforts are made to ensure any temporary files created are automatically removed after the installation process is completed, regardless of whether a recommendation is made, and regardless of whether you choose to install any software. Please note, however, that some files may not be able to remove themselves until the next system restart.

    3. Recommended Third Party Software

    You are NEVER required to install any recommended third party software, and you will not be required to install any third party software as a condition to install the Software. We will never install any third party software without your express consent. Recommended third party software is also subject to its own separate license agreement(s).

    4. How We Use Your Data

    We are strong advocates for consumer privacy, and we do NOT collect or store any personally identifiable information. Any information transmitted to our servers is anonymous and may be stored in the aggregate to help us improve our services. All information is collected and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available at: http://www.opencandy.com/privacy-policy.


    I missed the Open Candy part of the agreement, especially since it did not recommend any third party software for myself. I will keep an eye out for that in the future

  • Ashraf

    [@Tom] The download size of 7-PDF is higher than others because it is a PDF converter, not a PDF printer.

  • Tom

    WOW…. 7PDF is a major jumble of crapware. Just look at the download size in contrast to the other programs. FWIW, I use NitroPro a fully-featured PDF program, and even its full installer is smaller that 7PDF. Yuk!

  • davidroper

    [@Ashraf] Forget my Irfanview post, but I would love to see a spreadsheet type box listing watermark, yes or no, printer driver, yes or no, converter yes or no, etc. for these PDF programs in the article.

    This chart could unconfuse my colleagues and me. I use doPDF for a printer, FWIW.

  • Ashraf

    [@Barbara Ann] Updated article, thanks. I’ve asked William multiple times to include that info in his reviews…

    [@Hansy] Did you download the portable version of 7-PDF? The portable version is not free and will have that watermark; the installer version is freeware.

    [@Bub] Agreed. Very confusing.

  • davidroper

    And just for giggles and “ships” there’s another GEM that we all have already. Just tested it to see if I was right, Seamus. ;-)

    I opened a text file (TXT) with it by choosing “All Files” to see it, save as PDF, and voila, oops there it is. Even asked me if I wanted to give a password with it (I said No) but there it is on my desktop where I chose to put it for testing.

    It’s IRFANVIEW, my Brethren. We all have it. It’s the one program we should learn how to master for many reasons, pictures just one of them.

  • Bub

    Your comments on PDFill confuse me. On the one hand, you say that it is a PDF printer, which should mean that it can handle any format at all, as long as you have an application that can open the file and send it to the printer. On the other hand, you say that it doesn’t handle as many formats as 7pdf. How can this be?

  • Hansy

    Did you event test 7pdf? How could this be a winner when on the pdf output there is a BIG “unregistered version” watermark?

  • fearlessscientist

    Nice review. Good to see my favourite PDFill is in runner up. Many times I wanted to delete few pages or combine pdf’s after printing for which I had to hunt for a separate program. Then I found PDFill, its all in one. BTW there is a beta version 11.0, which does not require java to be installed. I recommend anyone wanting to try this program to use the beta version, considering the recent java vulnerabilities.

  • Barbara Ann

    Too much garbage along with 7PDF Maker. Along with the Express Install (the only free aspect) you get the following extras…

    Install KeyBay toolbar, set defaut search & new tabs to KeyBar Search and set my homepage to my browers to KeyBar Search

  • davidroper


    Word Format word processor that will save to PDF and TXT and DOC and RTF with no extra help. No JAVA, no dot NET, no Ghost Script. Any version of Windows Xp and up. cannot read PDF and output to TXT however. Only one way.

  • davidroper

    This may sound funny, but I am actually looking for a “printer” that will produce a TXT file or RTF file when I print to it. Like the old DOS prn2file used to do, I think. Output could be redirected to a filename, remember the use of > and >> and PIPE | ?

  • Mags

    Thx for the review, especially for 7 PDF Maker. The one thing that I really, really need the most is the ability to convert form fields so that they can be filled in. This looks like it will be exactly what I need.

    I’ve tried creating form field documents within Xpert PDF, but it is a friggin pain in the you know what. I also have an older version of Adobe Acrobat (not the free reader) which is also cumbersome in trying to create them.

    Until now I’ve not found one that will convert a .doc or .docx that contains form fields into PDF format that still maintains the form fields.

    Again, a big thanks.

  • Ashraf

    This review has now been updated by William with our review of best free PDF creator. Thanks everyone for the comments and feedback. Enjoy!

  • RealBull

    I choose PrimoPDF and doPDF. Enough options for me and I’ve never had a problem with them.

  • Kissol

    [@CJ Cotter]

    Nice you found a solution. Greetings.

    [@CJ Cotter] [@njwood60]

    You are right. It seems that the Home Page doesn’t have a Free version.
    BUT the free version is available (and without watermark!).
    Even latest v. 9.3 can be download in CNET (be sure you click where is ‘Direct Download Link’ to avoid CNET installer!): http://goo.gl/l21Kdk

  • [@Kissol] Interesting. What they are doing is converting the html as rendered onscreen to a pdf – which does make more sense than “printing” to the pdf which is what most pdf printers do.
    The trouble with “printing” an HTML page to a pdf is that the person who made the website can change the way the page looks for the printed version, and the pdf printer will use that alternative version.
    It would be good if your average pdf printer had an option to “ignore the print version” on an html page

    Is “Free HTML to PDF Converter” actually free or technically a demo?

    The link you gave is to version 9.2

    On their website (http://www.winnovative-software.com/download.aspx) the version is 9.3 and they say that the software is for evalutaion and puts a watermark on the converted pages. Maybe 9.2 is genuinely free with no watermark?

    Obviously for home use a watermark may not be an issue.

  • CJ Cotter

    Kissol, RE: Free HTML to PDF Converter

    WOW! What a result! THANK YOU much!

  • CJ Cotter

    njwood60, is there no hope? no solution?

  • storageman

    PDF24-Creator is my PDF Writer of choice.
    What I love is the zero learning curve. it just works.

    My larger question with ANY PDF printer:
    When I print a web page that has comments, the comments are not included in the PDF. They behave as if there was a “wall” between the body of the page and the comments. Am I the only one experiencing this?

  • Kissol

    I use PDFill PDF and Cute PDF.

  • Kissol

    [@CJ Cotter] You can use “Free HTML to PDF Converter” to have a good output: http://goo.gl/RkYad3

  • [@CJ Cotter] You will get the same garbled mess by printing GiveAwayOfTheDay.com direct to your printer. It is nothing to do with the pdf printer you’re using, it’s the way they have set up the css stylesheet for printing on that website. Choose print / preview in your browser and you will see the same mess

  • Peter Stern

    I second the use of PDF-XChange Lite. Not only is it a viewer, but with some ingenuity, it can be used to do almost anything with a PDF file.

  • CJ Cotter

    I hate to be a cloud on a sunny day, but I don’t like ANY of them. Among my printer software is CutePDF, doPDF, PDF Creator, PDF-XChange Printer Lite, and Wondershare PDF Converter. Just go and print out the home page of GiveAwayOfTheDay.com. That’s the acid test. The resulting PDF printout for all these programs is shuffled and garbled. If the problem is me, I would welcome an explanation as to what I’m doing wrong.

  • Have been using PDF-XChange Lite for a long time and VERY happy with it

    I use version 4 but I see now they have moved to version 5

    Free for non-commercial use:

    feature comparison chart for all their pdf products

    Note that in the comparison chart it doesn’t look as though the lite version is free but when you click through to the product page it is

    version history

  • JJ

    I agree with Cute PDF printer. I have tried many and always come back to Cute PDF virtual printer. The subsequent PDF’s are much cleaner, and the printer is easy to use and best of all free.

  • Al

    I use Cute PDF when I just need a virtual printer to make a pdf file to save on computer. Nitro PDF Creator is also quite nice, both to create a PDF document as well as to edit a .pdf document like a form fill-in document. Simplicity of Cute PDF as a virtual printer choice in the File Menu area just makes it a natural and easy choice.

  • Chris

    I like Nitro PDF as it comes with a lightweight pdf reader too. The writer is the usual virtual printer jobby and works well.
    Can I also have a thumbs up for Pdf creator, as mentioned above, works well to join multiple print jobs to one pdf and has an auto save feature so you don’t get the naggy save dialog each time you print. it’s not as user friendly as nitro though, so for some of my clients, nitro is the better option.

  • Sammo

    BullZip is my current favorite.

  • yetisouth

    I tried quite a few, but ‘CutePDF Writer’ is the best. It works partcularly well for saving web pages. The worst I tried was called ‘pdf995’, or something like that.

  • fearlessscientist

    PDFill PDF creator/editor/tools
    It has everything and my favourite..

  • Ashraf
  • William

    I like PDFCreator (no space) because it makes it easy to collect many print jobs into one document.

  • Mike

    Use PrimoPDF (freeware)–just an easy way to print documents (including webpages) as PDFs. Nothing elaborate–it just does it. It also will warn you if you have named the document the same as an existing document, giving you the option of appending the current document to the old (very handy, rather than having multiple documents for similar subject matter) or to overwrite the original. (Would be nice if it had some minimal editing capability, however–such as deleting and re-ordering pages.)