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Here on dotTech, we like helping people. Call us weird but we get a warm, fuzzy feeling whenever someone is able to benefit from our website. As part of our “help-others-as-much-as-possible” theme, we have created a Windows programs repository. We have reviewed, selected, and listed the best free (freeware) Windows software available on on the internet across a wide range of categories. We have done the hard work of sorting the good from the bad, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is click the links below that interest you; it really is as simple as that.

This repository is being constantly updated, with new programs and recommendations being added. So check back regularly! (Subscribe: RSS Feed | E-mail)

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  1. melen001

    I have used various defraggers, you name it and I’ve used it. I would have to say that one of the best, if no the best, is MyDefrag. It’s the only one that has made my boot time much faster. It’s true that it’s a little slow doing it’s job but the end results are worth it. So give it a try and see for yourself. You can get MyDefrag V 4.3.1 HERE >>> One other thing, it’s FREE …..

  2. grampus

    When defragging, Windows needs space to move files around and get them sorted. If your hard drive is too full that space isn’t available, so no defragging is possible. I suggest looking at what you might want to remove from the drive (old programs you never use, photos and videos that might be better moved to a cd/dvd or thumb drive, etc). Do a drive cleanup first, then try defragging again. Windows has a built-in drive cleaner, or you could try Ccleaner: it’s very popular, a quick search will turn up a download source, it works well and is safe to use — meaning you can select what parts of the drive you want to clean, such as all the old temp files and scraps left over from removing programs, etc.
    CAUTION: If it is a solid state drive (SSD) DO NOT defrag it, as ssds have a limited number of rewrites and you don’t want to use them up.

  3. Col. Panek

    You can defrag Windows only so much. Some blocks are non-moveable. If it works well, don’t fool with it. If it doesn’t, sometimes the best, maybe only, recourse is to reinstall the operating system.
    I may point out, as a snide remark, that Windows always goes slower over time due to registry clogging and HDD fragmenting….Linux doesn’t.

  4. torholt

    Pleas help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My system can no more defrag after Windows opdate 13.8.14
    I have trued repair with DVD and other repair programs but I
    can still not defrag my HD.
    Best regards Per

  5. Ted

    A few years ago there was a “drop in” menu called “VIP Menu” …. when activated it brought up a grey vertical menu of all the .exe files in the folder. What a great idea it was but I cant find it anywhere now.
    Is there such an animal available today?

    Thanks so much Ashraf for all the time you must put in to all this stuff that so many of us benefit from.

  6. Jackie Karp

    everyday I lose my pointer or mouse. I would also do not know a lot how to use windows 8. I would like a good phone and service w/ internet and talk, not so much text, in US only,unlimited. My HP is 9 months old, Intel Core 13 Laptop is what I have, but can not get use to it. HELP, can’t afford much, but I can cancel Comcast internet if I had a good phone w/ camera & internet, & talk.

  7. Hoody

    Any chance EASEUS ToDo Backup Home will be back as a free D/L? I got 6.1 one time, and after I upgraded my W8.1 with the update 1 it reverted back to 15 day trial :( I knew about not being able to update the program, but not this.

    The serial number is still there, but when I click the OK button it comes back with activation failed, your number has been used. well I know its been used, by me.

    EaseUS won’t do anything about it. So maybe you guys can get it back :)

  8. Relationship Roadmaps

    MS stops support of XP April 8, 2014 so we on fixed incomes may have to go Linux Ubuntu I suppose. In 4 or 5 yrs I’ve never had a problem with a freebie from Majorgeeks or filehippo and take pride in running a clean, fast, cool, machine without good old CCleaner, but I have Glary Utilities in memory. New installs are down to a science, with first, Lars Hederer’s ERUNT (includes NTREGOPT) for keeping specific XP Restore Pts, while I delete all but the last every month. I prefer Registry Life’s optimizer to NTREGOPT’s same result, but can also remove excess registry fragments on startup with MS’s Mark Rusinovich’s PageDefrag from Sysinternal Suite, or my fave, Puran Free Defrag. PageDefrag,like ERUNT, aren’t for 7+8. As in formatting, after frying camera cards and USB’s (Use MyDefrag! or maybe Auslogic for big data MSD’s), maybe I defrag too much, but notice the drag after 1,000 fragments or so. Don’t even think of defragging an SSD! Then,Revo-Uninstaller of course, just to make sure that I get it all out. A Screenshoter from inspiresoft, and I’m good to go.

  9. oldrkp

    For window best software to monitor all the activity on computer and lock the usb ports etc is well known as a Port locker. It is made for WinXP, Win 2000, Win-Vista and also support major Windows new virsion like Windows 7 & Windows 8 also. Port locker develop by the Unistal Systems and also provide the free demo version for 30 days.

  10. Willi

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  11. Sys-Eng

    Dottech has extensive lists of “Best Free . . . ” but sometimes there is significant difference between the free alternatives and the paid programs. Please consider including some paid programs in the comparative articles. Of course, we would expect you to only include those programs that have trials or the company will give you a license for testing.

    Thank you for all the great articles you have now.

  12. DatabaseBen

    [@Jim Robbins] In such cases the registry was likely an the verge of crashing especially if it were heavily fragmented to begin with. It best to execute a defrag first of the file system first to minimize fragments in which 1 tiny fragment could become corrupt and screw up the entire file it belongs to.

    Subsequently, booting into safe mode and executing a restore point would of reinstated a copy of the registry hive. And if safe boot was not possible, executing a restore point is possible via a bootup disk and opening up a command window, which looks like the old dos window with a c prompt.

  13. melen001

    [@Jim Robbins]

    Hi Eric…..

    Glary Registry Repair

    Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with Glary Registry Repair and fortunately I have never had that happen to me but can understand your anger. Yeah, that really “sucks”… I have read so many reviews on “registry repair & cleaning” software and not one has definitely recommended that kind of APP or cleaning the registry by the least. You can read here >>> what “Ask Leo” has to say about cleaning out your registry and his recommendations, you’ll be surprised. As you know, messing around with the registry is very delicate and unless you know “exactly” what you are doing you just shouldn’t go there, PERIOD. That’s a sure way of making your OS inoperable and trashing it for good. I do use once in a while Wise Registry Cleaner and it’s the only one I trust with no “deep scan” and verify each component & empty key to be removed. Hope you have solved your issue and would like to hear your feed-back. CIAO…..


  14. Jim Robbins

    I downloaded Glary software’s registry repair app and it trashed my computer. I had to reinstall many programs and clicking on the Control Panel icon brought up a window saying empty folder! Contacted Glary support and didn’t get a reply. Had to reinstall Windows. This really sucks!

  15. Eric

    Giveaway of Glarysoft would provide certain licensed software for purchase but for free to you!
    Here I recommend you a site - this website allows anyone to download new and free software every single day. As long as you download and activate the software within 24 hours, and then you get this software and have been authorized to use it as you have been paid for it.

  16. mrsdrogers

    So far I have to say this site is clean, easy to understand, love it. Thanks. Now if I could find someone here in Tucson, AZ. I desperately need help rooting my Android Exhibit