Microsoft schedules event for Surface 2 on September 23rd


Microsoft has sent invites to an event on September 23rd in New York City. The event will be focused around the next-generation of tablets from Microsoft, the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2.

The Surface 2 is rumored to be powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processor, have a 1080p display and run Windows RT 8.1. The RT label of its predecessor is being dropped on the device’s name, but not for the OS. Battery life for the device is expected to be around 8 hours, according to reports.

The Surface Pro 2 on the other hand will be getting an upgrade to Intel’s latest Haswell processors. But while that boosted battery life of other devices significantly, it will reportedly only being adding two hours to of total battery life to the Surface Pro 2. The new tablet will also ship with 8GB of RAM and run the full version of Windows 8.1

This announcement should be a very important one for Microsoft, since the first generation of the Surface failed to capture any meaningful marketshare and was released to middling reviews. Hopefully the second time around will bring improved devices that are attractive enough for people to want to buy, as long as they don’t hamper it with the wrong price tag.

[via Gizmodo, The Verge]

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