Jimmy Kimmel tricks people into thinking iPad mini is the new iPhone 5s [Video]


Apple announced two brand new iPhone models yesterday, the plastic colorful iPhone 5c and the high-spec fingerprint sensor-equipped iPhone 5s. But according to Jimmy Kimmel, “regular people” actually won’t be able to tell the difference between the new iPhones and the old iPhones. To prove it, they took to the streets and convinced people that an iPad mini was the new iPhone. That’s right, they didn’t even need to use an actual iPhone to trick people.

Oh and no need to adjust your eyes, that girl is indeed licking the iPad mini. Check out the prank in the video below and leave us some hilarious comments.

[via Gizmodo]

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  • [@RealBull] Worse, most of the people aren’t trying to find out anything at all. They actively ignore politics, current events or anything else that doesn’t involve a movie star acting scandalous. Unfortunately, I kid you not.

  • RealBull

    This is why the government doesn’t tell us anything and how it is so easy to deceive the public. People were actually B.S.ing themselves…”Oh, I can taste it”.

  • Coyote

    These have to be paid actors or people looking to earn camera time to earn their SAG cards. There’s no way anyone would buy that as a phone, err that is to say…. ok so people do buy 5″, even 6″ “phones”. But for gods sake how do you mistake a full size tablet. Also most their reactions didn’t even look like they were sober enough to realize they were holding a piece of tech. They may as well handed them a salami sandwich and called it the new iPhone.

    Also the one licking it is definitely a porn actress, and they definitely need the work.