New trailer for ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ is awesomely serious [Video]

That is the work of Stefane Bouley, who illustrates what a trailer for ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ would be like if it were released today. Unorthodoxly serious, yet still refreshing.

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  • Spredo

    If one had not heard about the move before…

    Watching this trailer, and thinking “this is a movie I have to see”…

    THAT would have been great to see (as long as it did not happen to ME, that is.)

  • sragan5

    This truly is the beginning of the end. A travesty of all travesties. The brazen attempt to make this iconically hysterical movie into a drama, even if only in a trailer. And to rob these Monty Python actors of their witty and witless grins, one liners, and pratfalls. I, for one, can’t help myself. When I watch this movie, I know I will laugh. I find no shame in laughing so hard that Coke comes out of my nose. A plague on Stefane Bouley!