Perfect example of the bloatware problem on Windows [Image]


True, some of the programs you see in the above screenshot are more useful than useless, but by and large that is mostly bloatware courtesy Toshiba… especially if you consider how many of these programs performs their functions subpar compared to rival software.

[via DaNReDaN]

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  • I learned my lesson after cleaning my daughter’s machine after coming home from college. Wipe and reinstall is the way to go.

  • davidroper

    [@J.L.] JL and Seamus, thanks. I see the error of my ways taking the easy way out. Bloatware leaves scat..

  • J.L.

    [@davidroper] Not necessarily, bloatware can leave remnants and modify your system settings. It’s like asking if uninstalling is the same as restoring a disk image. Example:

  • Seamus McSeamus

    [@davidroper] I’ve done it both ways, and they seem about equal to me.

  • davidroper

    Won’t Decrapify (or similar) do the same thing without having to ISO the thing? Just asking.,,

  • The last Toshiba I bought was 8 years ago, and never used any of their bloatware. It still works, and runs Puppy Linux….fasssst!

    The second best cure for bloat is download the Windows ISO and install that. No Norton, no Office Trials, no bloatware.

  • davidroper

    Bloatware just points out the bad management of the company, any company who hires programmers to produce and allow it to happen. Bar none.

    and while I am at it… Fire anyone responsible for Easter Eggs in software. Too much time unsupervised. Fire the supervisor as well. See first sentence of this comment.

    I realize I just created a Loop, so read only once… DotTechers.

    OMG, do I see an edit? Yeaaaaaaa.!