79-year-old Japanese man is being evicted from home for 2020 Olympic Games… again!


79-year-old Kohei Jinno is an unlucky Japanese man, or maybe the government hates him. Jinno will be evicted by the government from his home because of the 2020 Olympic games. And the kicker? This isn’t a first time experience for Jinno.

Back when Jinno was an upbeat 30-year old man, he was evicted from his home and placed in a different town to accommodate the 1964 Olympic Games. After two years, the government gave him a replacement home nearby the stadium, and he has been living there ever since. Now, lightning is gearing up to strike the same place twice, as yet again at 79, Jinno will have to sacrifice his livelihood for something he’s not even interested in seeing.

For those unaware, there’s already a stadium in place, however, it needs to be bigger, hence the reason why the government plans to troll Jinno once more. The man is not too happy since he’s not sure if wherever the government place him will be good for his tobacco business, which is his livelihood.

“I don’t want to see the Olympics at all,” Jinno said. “Deep inside, I have a kind of grudge against the Olympics.”

We understand the pain and sorrow this old timer is going through right now. (Okay, we can’t really understand his pain and sorrow because none of us have been evicted from our homes. We are only saying that for brownie points.) Let’s hope the Japanese government treat Jinno with respect and put him at a place where tobacco smokers strive.

[via AFP, Sueddeutsche]

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  • Coyote

    He should feel proud, there are families here being displaced because they want to tear down their homes because of high crime rates. They won’t be getting new homes either as the “reconstruction” part of the plan didn’t get enough budget. But the city council is still going ahead with tearing down the current housing though.


  • Tom

    Govts are evil institutions. Yours and mine are no different… thieving money grabbing collectives. Many more that Mr. Jinno are being displaced for this “show”. Sad. True.

  • kevbo

    [@Seamus McSeamus] Not to mention having it happen both times due to the Olympics, probably easier to get hit by lighting twice while standing in the same place.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    The odds of having the government use eminent domain to take your property are small. The odds of having it happen twice? No clue, but you’re probably more likely to win the lottery. I can’t imagine being forced to move like that, never mind having it happen twice.