Apple launches commercial for iPhone 5c, calls it ‘Plastic Perfected’ [Video]


Regardless of how you might feel about Apple’s decisions with its two new iPhone models, you have to admit that advertising is one thing they can’t seem to get wrong these days. The new ad for the iPhone 5c, “Plastic Perfected,” plays off the different colors and new material of the phone by showing liquid forming into the phone. If only the phones actually came together that way…

The song featured in the ad is called “Rill Rill” by Sleigh Bells and it fits pretty well with the fun vibe they’ve been pushing since the phone was introduced. Going forward, it’ll be interesting to see the differences in the amount of marketing each phone will get.

The iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s go on sale in stores this Friday. The iPhone 5c starts at $99 for 16GB with a standard two year contract.

[via MacRumors]

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