[Windows] Enhance Windows Task Manager with TaskmgrPro

taskmgrpro_1Nowadays it is the age of plugins. Plugins for your browsers, plugins for your software, plugins for this, plugins for that. So why not get a plugin for something you probably use very often to enhance its functionality — Windows Task Manager? And that is exactly what TaskmgrPro is. Let’s see if it is worth your time.

What Is It and What Does It Do

Main Functionality

TaskmgrPro is a plugin of sorts for Windows Task Manager; TaskmgrPro enhances Windows Task Manager functionality by adding features to the Processes and Services tab of Task Manager and adding four new tabs to Task Manager. Plus TaskmgrPro is run when Windows Task Manager is run.


  • Works as a plugin for Windows Task Manager, so all you need to do to access TaskmgrPro is run Windows Task Manager (e.g. vis-a-vis Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc)
  • Enhances Processes tab in Windows Task Manager, allowing you to end multiple processes at a time
  • Allows you to create “kill lists” which batch kill all processes in the list
  • You can also use the kill lists feature to batch resurrect processes in the list
  • Enhances Services tab in Windows Task Manager, allowing you to batch start, stop, pause, or continue services plus change their startup mode between automatic, manual, disable
  • Includes a list feature for services, too, allowing you to batch start/stop services in the list
  • Adds a TCP/IP tab to Task Manager, which displays TCP/IP connection info
  • Adds a Startup tab to Task Manager, which displays startup programs/processes, allowing you to enable/disable them
  • Adds a Shutdown tab to Task Manager, which allows you to schedule you computer to automatically shut down, restart, log off, lock, lock and turn off monitor, turn off monitor, or launch screensaver at a specific time or in X minutes
  • Adds a Shares tab to Task Manager, which displays network shares and allows you to enable/disable and add/remove them
  • Not too bad on computer resources — roughly 3 MB RAM and little to no CPU while idle


  • Startup manager is basic — can only enable/disable or delete existing items, cannot add new items nor can delay startup items
  • TCP/IP displays TCP/IP information but doesn’t allow you to end specific connections, although you can go to the associated process and end that process if desired
  • It would be nice if the process kill list could be automated, meaning the processes on a kill list automatically ended as soon as they started. Right now, you need to manually trigger a kill list.
  • Hasn’t been updated in over 1.5 years, was last updated Jan 2012 — meaning development is either dead or very slow
  • Is a plugin for Windows Task Manager… so what happens if TaskmgrPro itself freezes — does Windows Task Manager freeze along with it? My guess is no because TaskmgrPro loads one to two seconds after Windows Task Manager (meaning if TaskmgrPro freezes it shouldn’t affect Windows Task Manager), but that is just a guess.
  • Hasn’t been updated since before Windows 8 was released, so it likely doesn’t work on Windows 8


TaskmgrPro enhances Windows Task Manager functionality; it is built right into Task Manager and adds features you wouldn’t otherwise get in Task Manager.

What I like best about TaskmgrPro is how it allows you to kill multiple running processes at the same time; simply select multiple running processes from the Processes tab and end them. Sure, TaskmgrPro isn’t the first and only program to allow this functionality — e.g. WinPatrol can do it, too — but what makes TaskmgrPro so much more useful than rival programs in this regard is how TaskmgrPro is built right into Windows Task Manager. So, essentially, you don’t need to learn or launch a whole new program to be able to kill multiple processes at the same time — you just launch Windows Task Manager as normal and simply kill running processes as desired from the Processes tab. Easy.

I also really like the Shutdown tab, which doesn’t provide unique functionality but makes it very convenient to schedule a shut down/restart/etc. of your computer.

That said, however, I feel the other functionality of TaskmgrPro is either out-of-place or too basic. For example, you don’t really need a startup manager or network shares manager in Windows Task Manager; Task Manager is a place that displays information/provides features you would need access to on a regular basis, and most people don’t use a startup manager or network share manager regularly — only once in a while. So TaskmgrPro just ends up cluttering the Task Manager by adding unnecessary features.

Conclusion and Download Link

I really wish it was possible to customize TaskmgrPro to only get the features that one wants (e.g. if I were able to customize TaskmgrPro, I’d remove the startup/network share managers) but that isn’t possible. So, as of now, I’m not going to recommend TaskmgrPro but I’m also not going to not recommend it. In other words, I’ll let you decide if you want the program or not. I’ve given you all the information to make an educated decision… so have at it. Best of luck.

For those that are looking for freeware alternatives to TaskmgrPro, I don’t know of any programs that build themselves right into Windows Task Manager but there are programs that provide the same or more functionality as TaskmgrPro: WinPatrol allows you to kill multiple processes at the same time, manage services, and has a better startup manager; ProcessTamer and Process Lasso are two a processes managers that allow for better process management than TaskmgrPro, such as the ability to automatically kill blacklisted processes; ShareWatch is a network shares monitor or you can use Windows’ built-in functionality for network shares management; Shutdown Please allows you to schedule shutdowns, etc. or you can do it yourself from Windows Task Scheduler; etc.

Price: $19.95

Version reviewed: 1.4.5

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Download size: 3.3 MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/47

Is it portable? No

TaskmgrPro homepage

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  • BearPup

    [@melen001] Hello melen001,
    I’m in the process of testing System Explorer now. I tend to take my time with a program like this -major system component, and hence I tend to test it by leaving the current one in place and testing its results for a given problem with System Explorer’s. So far so good, but it will need to perform substantially Beartter than the software its going to replace, i.e., Windows Task Manager.

  • melen001


    Hi Bear Pup…

    Just wondering if you’ve tried System Explorer V. in substitution for the Windows Task Manager? You can always us it as your default manager. Let me know how it’s worked out for you. If you haven’t yet just get it here….


    Hope to hear from you soon……..

  • melen001


    Forgot to mention that you can also set System Explorer as the default Task Manager.

    Here are some key features of “System Explorer”:

    · Detailed information’s about Tasks, Processes, Modules, Startups, IE Addons, Uninstallers, Windows, Services, Drivers, Connections and Opened Files.
    · Easy check of suspicious files via VirusTotal or Jotti service.
    · Easy search details about file/process via online databases.
    · Security Extension for automatic check of processes,modules and selected files.
    · “New Task…” dialog with integrated AutoSearch and AutoCompletion.
    · Action History for monitoring processes activities.
    · Performance graphs for monitoring usage of system resources in time.
    · System Snapshots for easy finding of system changes.
    · System Report builds rich text report containing major information’s about your System.
    · Multilingual and Plugins Support.

  • The only task manager extender I know of besides this one is called PRIO. You can find it at http://www.prnwatch.com/prio/ Last time I checked it was freeware and had been extended to work with x64 bit versions of Windows. I have not tried this current freebie so it is hard to compare but thought it should be included here for those wanting to know of alternatives.

  • melen001
  • melen001

    Your welcome friend…. you will see that it’s a great app and very informative……

  • CJ Cotter

    OOPs, wrong program, folks. Ignore my comments.

  • BearPup

    [@melen001] From the Softpedia review and screenshots, System Explorer looks like it might well replace Windows Task Manager. Thanks for the heads up.

  • CJ Cotter

    I have a program that changes the folder icons from manila to other colorful ones of my choosing. The snchronization feature of TaskmgrPro copies the hidden INI and ICO files, but restores the folders back to their default manila. Until they fix this, TaskmgrPro is not a keeper in my book.

  • melen001

    [@Giovanni] Checkout http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Info/System-Explorer.shtml The amount of information provided by System Explorer is absolutely impressive and this is the thing you will definitely like the most. There are tons of details in every single tab, along with graphs and useful tips, keeping the user up-to-date with what’s happening with the system all the time.

  • melen001

    hi …. I use System Explorer V. in substitution of Windows Task Manager. It’s has more options than Wins Task Manager and I find it very handy. Simple and easy to use and it can be substituted for the Wins TM. The amount of information provided by System Explorer is absolutely impressive and this is the thing you will definitely like the most. There are tons of details in every single tab, along with graphs and useful tips, keeping the user up-to-date with what’s happening with the system all the time. Take a look at it and tell me what you think about it. http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Info/System-Explorer.shtml

  • BearPup

    Whatever the pros or cons of this program may be, every time I tried to run it, it crashed Windows’ Task Manager. I suspect it was one of my other TSR apps at work that caused the conflict.

    But, neither am I inclined to chase after what I consider to be a broken application – it shouldn’t cause the underlying application to crash. And considering how valuable I find Task Manager to be, I’m choosing not to mess with success.

    Just one Bear’s experience!

    p.s. Thanks for bringing the Edit function back. Much appreciated.

  • Mikerman

    Anvir Task Manager–currently, can get for free with a mini, basic statement of use.


    See generally: http://dottech.org/forums/freeware-software/free-anvir-task-manager-standard-edition-thru-end-of-july-2013/#p17911

  • fwdever

    Our team are all technical staff, the strength in marketing is insufficient, so the user quantity of TaskmgrPro is not big, users’ feedback is less too. So there is not much upgrading of this product. By receiving the expert’s opinion this time, hearing feedbacks of many users, I think we will release new version soon.

  • MarkQ

    While it’s good to see the developer showing up (even if to promote other products), it would have been a lot better if they also offered a word regarding the issues highlighted in the review.
    My question, therefore, is: Can we expect to see improvements anytime soon or whether the development has been discontinued altogether? Would they be kind enough to respond? Thanks if they do.

  • fwdever

    Hello Ashraf,

    I’m Garvey Liu, the author of TaskmgrPro. Many thanks for the high quality review.

    We have launched a new presentation tool Presentation Screen Master that readers of dotTech might be interested in, so I thought I’d share it and perhaps get some of your expert feedback on.

    Presentation Screen Master lets you present just a part of your screen to an audience while keeping everything else private. Here’s the info if you’re interested: http://www.presentation-assistant.com/screen-master/index.htm

  • Ashraf

    [@Giovanni] Thanks! We will take a look.

    [@henry wu] You are right. That Windows 8 supported OS info was leftover from another review, thank you for pointing that out. I’ve fixed it now.

  • henry wu

    Hello! Did you try TaskmgrPro on windows 8? The reason why I ask this question is because I do not think TaskmgrPro is compatible with windows 8.The task manager in win8 changes a lot and this software was released on 6 Jan 2012 before win8 was released. Furthermore , today’s giveawayoftheday page indicates that TaskmgrPro only supports xp,vista,and win7 both x32 and x64.

  • Giovanni

    hey Ashraf,
    how about PROCESS HACKER?


    It doesn’t build itself right into Windows Task Manager but can do much more things for FREE and unlike this GAOTD it’s even PORTABLE and fully customizable with tons of plugins!!!