Bride forgets real life is not Harry Potter, tries to use an owl to deliver her wedding ring and…

owl in church

…And, well, I’m sure you can guess what happened next.

Planning to get married? That’s great, just don’t ever transform an owl into a ring bearer, because it would likely turn out very bad. Take this particular wedding ceremony for instance, where a bride and groom chose to have an owl swoop down with the rings attached to its feet. Unfortunately, the plan failed, and the bird fell asleep.

According to the Telegraph, the owl flew to the roof beam in the Church and stood there for an hour, during which time Mr. Owl chose to mock everyone by dozing off. According to Rev. Chris Bryan, it would have been amazing if the plan had worked, but not everything is meant to be.

“The idea was it would be amazing and would swoop over the heads of the guests, and they’d all feel the air rushing from its wings, but it didn’t quite work like that.”

Make no mistake, this was a fantastic idea; just imagine if it had worked? Everyone at the ceremony would probably lose their minds in excitement and awe. Luckily for the couple, the bird didn’t fly outside, because those rings would probably never be seen again by human eyes.

Despite the failure of plan A, the wedding was not called off due to a plan B. A set of back-up rings were used to kick things off while the Owl continued to sleep in harmony.

We’re glad the couple managed to get married in the end, what a disappointment if there were no back-up rings in place. Let this be a lesson to anyone planning to tie the knot, use a Falcon instead of an Owl.

[via Telegraph]

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