CintaNotes: Lightweight and user-friendly notes manager

Before I ever publish an article on dotTech, I spend significant time researching the topic which I will post about, finding alternatives, and discovering every kook and niche of it. Being human – yes I am human – by the time I get to the end of my evaluation, I have a tendency to forget some facts I think of at the start of my evaluation. To help combat this forgetfulness I have gotten into the habit of jotting down notes in Notepad during my evaluation so I can refer to them when I actually write the article. The only problem with the Notepad method is I create a new Notepad for every small detail and eventually I have so many Notepad files, I can’t tell which one holds what information. If you are in a predicament like me, i.e. you like to take quick-notes yet have no means of properly organizing them, give CintaNotes a try.

CintaNotes is a lightweight and user-friendly notes manager:


With CintaNotes, users have the ability to

  • Easily create new notes
  • Organize notes via tags
  • Search notes
  • Quickly merge multiple notes
  • Grab text (“clip text”) from other sources, such as an internet browser, and automatically insert it into CintaNotes
  • Import, export (as .TXT or .XML), and automatically backup notes
  • Use hotkeys to clip text, add a new note, and open the main program window.

Best of all CintaNotes supports Unicode and has a very small footprint – taking up only ~500 KB for the portable version and ~1 MB for the installer version and uses about only ~3 MB of RAM while running (RAM and hard drive space usage minimally increase as more notes are added obviously).

The bad part about CintaNotes is it is not very “featured” filled; all the features CintaNotes has I already mentioned. In CintaNotes’ defense, it is designed to be small and user-friendly instead of having many features. However, there are two features I would definitely like to see added into CintaNotes:

  • The ability to password protection CintaNotes. If the developer added encryption features that is even better but I would like to at least have the ability to password protect CintaNotes to prevent wandering eyes from looking at my notes.
  • The ability to insert images in notes.

Here is a short demo video on CintaNotes, to show instead of tell:

NOTE: The demo video is interactive. In other words, you have to click on the arrows to progress it from section to section – it won’t play automatically.

Demo video on CintaNotes by xbeta.

You can download CintaNotes from the following links:

Version reviewed: Beta M10.5

Supported OS: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7.

CintaNotes homepage

[Direct download – installer]

[Direct download – portable version]

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  1. Five Words

    @ jumbi:
    You could always create a free blog on wordpress and from your blog dashboard create a new private page, only available to you once you log in. Keep notes, bookmarks etc.

    Happy Trails . . .

  2. IndoMK

    I’ve been using CintaNotes for almost a year, and I can’t imagine life without it! While the note organization structure isn’t always the greatest, I can usually find anything I want through its search function, even if it takes a minute to get the right terms. But the killer feature for me is the hotkey clipping. I use it multiple times every day, and honestly, haven’t found any other program that works quite the same way — automatically, without the need to edit or tag or save.

  3. Mr.Dave

    I want to add my recommendation for Evernote. I wasn’t too impressed when I started using it but many searches for better tools have been unsuccessful. I like it because I can add multiple tags to a note, search notes, include graphics and URLs in notes, use different “notebooks”, and access my notes from multiple PCs over the web (there’s also a way to create a portable version). I created a notebook for a music group preparing for a Christmas party – all the tabs and sheet music and notes on what key to play in and who starts each song, etc. I created a notebook to help with my job searching – tags such as active, potential, company notes, to-do, etc., make it easy to find things, very easy to re-use and modify cover letters, track what I’ve already applied for. I also made a notebook to log changes to my PC – software & hardware settings, installs, problems, tips, etc. The notes themselves are just in a pool but the tags provide a structure for finding similar notes. Easy to use as well. What it doesn’t do: can’t create a link from one note to another, with one or more tags on the link.

  4. meldasue

    You don’t know how long I’ve been looking for exactly this. I’ve tried a lot of notetaking software and haven’t found any that would let me add multiple tags. I also wanted something simple – a lot of these notetaking programs get way too complicated.

  5. Pwnana

    As far as notes go, I have never seen a product as useful and great as Microsoft Onenote. However, it is commercial. =(

    I havent tried it personally, but seems like a good choice. Since its an online desktop, you can organize your notes in any way you want, and have all the apps you need (or at least online equivalents. Otherwise you can just upload the apps you need to icloud and download them when you need them.) to work with them anywhere you go.

  6. Harlan

    What you want is a PIM. TreePad Lite and Essential PIM Free are both very good freeware. There are also “sticky notes” programs that might be better for your many related-but-separate notes. I think CintaNotes is too basic for general use.

  7. jumbi

    How about online notes that can be accessed from any computer connected to internet?
    (I need that, but I would like a simple fast solution, not googledocs etc)

    Searching about, I found a lot of solutions, but I have no time to try each one…
    What is your suggestion ?!
    (thanks in advance)

  8. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Ozzie: You are welcome =).

    @Helmer: I have used Evernote in the past; never really got into it though. As for writing an article on it: I am not sure – maybe. I say maybe because Evernote is nothing “new”; everyone knows about it. I prefer writing about more unique topics.

    Thanks for the suggestion though =).

  9. Helmer

    I remember using Evernote a few years ago, a commercial application, VERY powerful and versatile. Didnt bother to reinstall it when i went Windows 7, but a few months ago i decided to check if there where any new version. I was very pleased to see that Evernote now is free, and also offers to save your notes on the interwebz. It´s still very powerful and versatile, maybe Ashraf could give it a try to see if it´s worth an article on the best software site on the planet…..Yes,!

  10. Ozzie

    Hi all! Thanks for another great review, Ashraf! I use Notepad++ as my alternate to the Windows notepad. It is a pretty simple process to make it the default notepad as well. My only wish is that it had the option for a tree-style layout as well as tabs, as I find the tree style easier to navigate when I have numerous tabs open. I’ve tried other tree-style notepads, but they don’t have the same functionality as Notepad++. I’ll keep hoping though!

  11. Kraal FictionWriter

    I just use the same notepad file and separate the notes. MOst of the time. Otherwise, I open up a few more and break out the pencil and notepads. Real notepads.

    I don’t research much though. Not on a large scale, anyway. It isn’t my strong suit.