• Coyote

    This just goes to show how many people are either afraid or clueless when it comes to exploring their devices. I know several people with android phones that didn’t even know what the play store was… let long that they could download apps that were better than the carrier provided crap. Now try to explain root to them and their eyes just roll back in their heads.

  • clockmendergb

    that was a great little story
    I found it extremely easy to visualize this ladies face when she realized they had been on the computer all along
    and the writers face when he realized this woman was actually speaking the truth,.
    i do not even care if its a true story or not.
    it was worth the space

  • smaragdus

    [@jayesstee] Exactly! And M$ needs such users badly!

  • Mike

    Things like this are not at all uncommon, a hurdle. And why computers, even as nice as they are, just are not comprehensible to so many people, for them to own their own.

  • jayesstee

    The sort of User that Win 8 was designed for!  :=P