NSA officially admits employees illegally spied on loved ones


Remember a recent report that claimed several NSA employees spied on their loved ones? Yeah, well, the NSA has come out and confirmed these incidents. In other words, they really happened, and it proves the giving one agency this kind of power is asking for abuse. Make no mistake; there will always be that one employee who will want to break the rules and with access to powerful tools at their disposal… you can figure out the rest.

Apparently, a letter was sent to Senator Chuck Grassley that provides him with a full list of employees the NSA found to have willfully abused the tools given to them since 2003. We understand in total there was at least ten incidents, in which eight of the employees spied on their wives, husbands and girlfriends. The two other incidents are still under investigation, so we’re not sure what they have done.

Amazingly, one employee tapped into her boyfriend’s phone conversation because she thought he was cheating on her. She was later demoted from her position and given half pay for two months. Under all this pressure, this woman resigned, but we are inclined to believe she was forced to do so rather than make this decision herself. Or at least we hope so because demotion and half pay for two months isn’t punishment enough for breaking the law as set out in the Bill of Rights.

A second incident includes an employee who tapped into six email addresses belonging to a former girlfriend. The exciting part is, he did all this on the first day working for the NSA; unfortunately, we’re not sure of his fate.

Scared yet? You should be. It possible your wife or husband is watching your every move right now. Your best is to stay away from that dating website and refrain from visiting your favorite porn sites for someone is watching your every move.

As a side but related note, if you want to know how the NSA is capable of locating everyone, then watch the latest episode of SouthPark.

[via Senator Chuck Grassley]

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