Steve Ballmer’s last company meeting was festered with emotions


The end has come for Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer. This time next year, there will be a new CEO at the helm of the largest software company in the world, and Steve will likely be on a Caribbean island somewhere enjoying a glass of cocktail. At Ballmer’s last employee meeting, the man himself gave one last emotional performance to go out with a bang.

It was a sad moment to see Steve Ballmer on stage with tears running down his face as he soaks in the reality of him no longer being at Microsoft. The emotions really began to take shape after Ballmer requested his favorite song to be played at the event, The Time of My Life.

The outgoing CEO took it upon himself to high-five employees as he circled the place with emotional bliss. What we saw is a man who is very passionate about Microsoft, though it can be said that his passion was never enough to kick Microsoft into gear where the consumer market is concerned.

Steve Ballmer brought record profits to Microsoft during his time as CEO, but he failed to foresee the power of the smartphone and tablet market, along with overseeing the release of Windows Vista. Furthermore, he was the same man who laughed at the iPhone, then years after he’s attempting to catch up to it with Windows Phone.

We respect Ballmer and are sadden by his last employee meeting speech. But let’s be honest here; he wasn’t the right man for the job.

[image via Cromo]

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