Kinect for Xbox One can detect two people talking at the same time


Say what you will about Microsoft’s Kinect 2 for the Xbox One, you just can’t deny that this thing is an awesome piece of tech. We’ve seen the demos of it in action and we’ve read the hands-on impressions; almost every video game journalists have several positive things to say about the device (privacy concerns aside.)

One key feature of the Kinect that we didn’t know about until now is its ability to detect two voices at the same time.

Speaking at the Eurogamer Expo, Microsoft executive, Phil Harrison, revealed the new feature. He also stated that Kinect is capable of detecting whether or not months are open in a dark room. This is probably due to Kinects ability to recognize objects and movements in an almost pitch-dark setting.

Do you know something? We are hoping Microsoft gives Kinect the ability to listen only to a single voice. That way, no one but the owner will have the ability to turn on his/her brand spanking new Xbox One.

This is great stuff, and we are overly excited to see what developers come up with using Kinect. Already, we’ve seen many Kinect centric games, but only the ones from Microsoft seem to be doing something worth our time with the camera. If third party developers fail to make use of Kinect, then consider it as a failure in the eyes of the gaming community in the coming years.

Remember that movie called Minority Report starring Tom Cruise? We’re not too far away from that future.

[via Polygon]

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