[Android] Location Reminder allows you to set location-based alerts and send texts when you reach a location

Location Reminder popupIt may sound a bit lazy, but one thing that gets aggravating to me is when I have to stop what I’m doing and text a family member or friend that I’ve reached my destination. For example, if I’ve been grocery shopping and I need to text my fiancée that I’m home. Or, if I’m headed somewhere and I need to text family that I arrived safely. There are many apps that automate the process, but a lot of them include other tools. If you want something simple, you can turn to Location Reminder. It’s actually an app that allows you to manage GPS or location related tasks.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

While I did mention above that Location Reminder can be used to automatically send a text to friends or family when you’ve arrived at a destination, it’s actually designed to tie personal reminders to GPS. Through the Google Maps API, you assign a task or to-do item to a particular location and the app will remind you as soon as you’re in the vicinity. The reminders are sent out as a simple popup window that displays all the related information, like the name of the task, the GPS address (coordinates), and the distance radius for the trigger.


  • Very minimal and easy to use personal reminder app
  • You tie reminders and alerts to particular locations using the Google Maps API
  • You can assign a target radius (in relation to the chosen location), and how the alerts are sent (before or after arriving, etc)
  • You can send out on-device, SMS or email reminders
    • You can use the SMS and email reminders to send out automated messages to friends and family


  • Constant use of the location tracking functionality could potentially drain the battery much faster
  • Uses about 25MB of RAM while running, that’s actually pretty low considering the functionality


Location Reminder personal alertsI’d like to clarify that because this is a location based app, I elected to use the stock images (from Google Play) to show off the app. 

Location Reminder as the name implies, is designed to tie simple task reminders to GPS locations. For example, you can do something like remind yourself to clean and put away the dishes when you get home (bad example I know). It’s very simple to use, and the interface is pretty minimal too.

When you load the interface, you will see just a blank screen down below. Across the top is a menu bar, with an appropriately placed “plus” icon. Next to that is the all familiar Android menu button. Tapping on the plus icon will allow you to add a reminder to the list. Instantly, it uses the Google Maps API and GPS (location based) information to pinpoint where you are. It will designate your location with a Google Maps pin, and the default radius will be shown as a blue circle. You can designate the target radius and the transition option related to the location. Long story short, the radius determines when the alert or reminder is triggered as you near the proximity of the location. For example, if you want to be reminded of something 2 miles before you reach work, you can set the radius accordingly. The transition on the other hand, allows you to set the alert for when you arrive, leave or both.

Next, you configure the options screen by tapping the related tab across the top menu. This allows you to assign a name to a particular location, designate a trigger time for the alerts, and tell the app when it should remind you (first time it meets a condition, or anytime it meets a condition). You also need to configure a reminder on this screen which can be in the form of an on-device reminder, SMS reminder, or Email reminder.

Location Reminder GPS placement

This is exactly where you can configure the app to send out text messages to friends or family when you reach a destination. You simply select ‘SMS reminder’ from the list, and then you can input the message and contact the information will be sent to. The real benefit is that you can configure the reminder to happen at a certain time. For example, I regularly travel to school in the evening. I have a pretty good distance to commute, and I’m usually in a hurry when I get to the campus. I have the app set to alert my fiancée that I’ve arrived at school, and it does the same when I’m back home. This lets her know I’ve made it to my destination safe. The automation keeps me free to rush to class, or hands-free to carry in groceries once I’m home.

Of course, that’s only one use for the reminders. You can also setup on-device reminders to yourself, or email reminders to yourself or other contacts (just like SMS).

Location Reminder actually only uses about 25MB of RAM while running. For an app of this caliber that also uses location tracking, I would say that’s a commendable amount. Keep in mind that constant use of location tracking functions will consume the battery much faster.

Conclusion and download link

Location Reminder options menuLocation Reminder is an Android application that allows you to manage and create personal alerts based on your current location. You can tie various alerts and reminders to a particular location like work, school or home using the Google Maps API. You can then send reminders via an on-device popup, SMS or email. This also allows you to be innovative with your reminders, like sending a text to friends or family when you’ve arrived at a destination. Even though it’s meant to be used to remind yourself, that doesn’t mean you’re confined to that. It uses very limited system resources (25MB of RAM), even with the location tracking support. It’s very easy to use, and the minimal UI means anyone can have reminders setup and active within minutes. I highly recommend this app if you ever want to tie alerts to a particular location.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 0.91

Requires: Android 2.2 and up

Download size: 1.5MB

Location Reminder on Play Store

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