Microsoft resurrects Windows 95 game ‘Hover’, now playable in your browser


Do you remember that special little game on Windows 95 called ‘Hover’? It’s a game that has been long forgotten by many, but Microsoft did the unthinkable and brought it back to life as a browser game. The game is optimized for Internet Explorer 11, but don’t let that stop you from playing it via other browsers. We’ve tested Opera Next on this thing, and we were blown away by the visuals.

Back in the Windows 95 era, there wasn’t much to say about Hover’s graphics. Furthermore, the frames per second were below 24, but at the time that didn’t matter at all. However, thanks to the power of WebGL, Hover now runs above 30 frames per second and graphics is very pleasing to the eye.

Playing Hover is all about capturing the flag in a bumper car that’s also a hovercraft. There are options between single and multiplayer, so choose the one that fits you best. We chose to go with the single player option because we’re not so good at the game anymore.

We’re quite happy Microsoft kept all the classic levels. The only main difference here is the graphics so your childhood won’t be turned to dust here. Furthermore, if you type in “Bambi” after visiting the game page, you’ll get a little surprise. dotTech won’t tell you what this surprise entails, you’ll just have to find it out for yourself.

[via Hover]

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