Apple now holds 10% of all corporate America cash (minus financial companies)


Many companies struggle everyday to just pay their daily expenses. This tough economy is not making it better for these companies. Apple on the other hand is living the dream of every major corporation, with its $147 billion stockpile as of June 30, 2013.

According to Moody’s review of Apple and 1000 other companies it rates, Apple now hold 10% of all corporate America cash (not including financial companies, like banks) which comes in at $1.48 trillion. Compared to its long time rival Microsoft, Apple has double the cash reservoirs compared to Microsoft’s $77 billion. Maybe this is why Carl Icahn, billionaire investor, is pushing Time Cook for a $150 billion stock buyback.

Having increased 81% since 2006 and with Christmas just around the corner, Apple’s cash inflow is subject to multiply — especially since they just launched their new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Let’s see what this year’s holidays have to bring for Apples amass fortunes.

[via The Wall Street Journal]

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  • JMJ

    This may make all the Apple fanbois/goils “oooh & aaah” but having so much cash on hand is NOT a good thing for a corporation or an individual. Apple’s ill-gotten gains should be working in R&D, employee benefits/training/etc.; or even in the capital markets. Having money sitting idle is money that is being lost: Inflation, you know? Can you imagine taking almost four years of your pay and sticking it in your mattress? Wouldn’t be too bright, huh?

    I wonder how much cash this wormy Apple would have if they did not abuse their near-slave-labor force? Yeah, yeah, I know: These workers are not ACTUALY Apple employees. Apple just contracts overseers to brandish the whips.

    I wonder how much cash this wormy Apple would have if they were not so adroit at cheating the U.S. and every other country in which they do business out of a fair tax payment.

    I wonder how much cash this wormy Apple would have if they truly acted in their shareholders’ best interests, as they are supposed to. You know, by increasing dividends, for example.

    But they do make beautiful, desirable products. Just ask the millions of Chinese workers who make those products but cannot afford to buy them.

    Yay, Appfail.