Breaking Bad series finale pirated over 500,000 times within 12 hours


Breaking Bad has finally come to an end after 5 years and 5 seasons on the air. And it went out with a bang — and I’m not talking about the chemistry type of bang.

According to TorrentFreak, the final episode of Breaking Bad was downloaded over 500,000 times illegally via various torrents around the web, 12 hours after the show aired on Netflix. This makes the final episode one of the most pirated, if not the most pirated, of all finales according to industry estimates.

The amount of piracy hitting Breaking Bad is very similar to Game of Thrones, which holds title of most pirated TV show for quite some time now.

Furthermore, the episode smashed ratings when it averaged just around 10.3 million viewers according to Variety. To put things into perspective, the final episode for Season 4 averaged 2.9 million viewers. That’s pretty impressive, and it could also mean that Breaking Bad might just one up Game of Thrones for the Emmy.

Breaking Bad series finale is also the third most watched TV series on Cable behind Sopranos (11.9 million in 2007) and Sex and the City (10.6 million in 2004). That’s great stuff and should surely be a boost for the spin-off series, Better Call Saul. The series will be centered on Walter White’s lawyer, Saul, before he met White.

For those Twitter fanatics, you’ll be glad to know that Breaking Bad’s series finale triggered 1.24 million tweets. Let that sink in for a moment so you can actually grasp how awesome this series really is.

[via Torrent Freak, Variety, image via TVS]

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