The amazing advancement of video games over two decades [Image]


If I had told you roughly two decades ago that video games would become to advanced that they appear to be realistic, would you have believed me? Probably not. But that is indeed what has happened — and it gives me the chills to think about how far technology has come in such a short time.

Now, where are my lightsabers.

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  • BeegDiquesDontLye

    Yes, but graphics don’t mean a thing when playability is sacrificed. GTA1 is incredibly playable. Only he who has a pathetic lack of a real life, actually NEEDS their on-screen reality to be photo-realistic. To compensate. How’s about being more professional and less fanboi like all the rest? I can’t stand GTA 3 onwards (this is on PC, where the series started) due to really crap controls, made for inferior console control systems (inferior for shooting anyway). A steering wheel plus mouse / keyboard utterly rocks – but lazy Rockstar couldn’t be bothered to support this! Who cares how detailed or photo-realistic the scenery looks like across town, when you keep crashing or getting shot by the enemies, solely due to artificial difficulty posed by the game’s inferior control system. Which is then spun as part of the game’s challenge? Bullsh*t. Of course, history has shown that masses of people can fall for bullsh*t for long periods of time, if they’re being bribed to in some way. This is what is going on – flashy photo-realistic visuals are distracting people from the poor gameplay and from going outside to play sports, socialise healthily, or contribute to society. I’m not even anti-video-games, or some such pathological bullsh*t. I just know the difference between rubbish gaming and good gaming – and it’s more likely to be the gameplay, or sound design than the graphics. Just like fake boobs are more popular with fools who never felt boobs in their life, or just use their eyes and not their hands, never use something deeper and are pimped-out and made to make money for others via their own base instincts! All instead of moving somewhere higher as a human race. Discuss. Because this is taboo amongst most gamers. It’s almost like a belief-system… and we know where delusional belief-systems lead us when the control of them is in the hands of a few…

  • KMHamm

    Sure wish I could find a good update for the old version of Battle Chess…