Angry telekenetic girl levitates guy in coffee shop, in real life [Video]

The above video is real — it wasn’t animated in a computer — but… it is a prank. Yes, despite your inner child screaming otherwise, there is no such thing as telekinesis. Not yet, anyway. This prank was created to promote the remake of the ‘Carrie’ movie, and most of the people in the coffee shop are in on the prank… except for the people at the counter who probably shat their pants while this happened.

[via Geekologie]

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  • melen001

    Holy crap….. I’ve seen pranks before but ‘THIS’ is just incredibly well executed…. WOW… the people that set it up are Hollywood professionals so I guess you can’t expect anything less. Very impressive…… looked at it about 10 times and going to see it again….

  • WildCat

    If I had MONEY, would be doing this to people ALL THE TIME!!! Muahahaha “Punk’d” would have nothing on me ;) Hmmm… maybe it’s a good thing that I’m poor?!?! lol

  • Mike

    Cruelly funny …