Bank forces customers to have passwords between 5 to 8 characters… [Image]


Apparently, that is the website of a “a major bank, one of the biggest in Canada, and well known for their security”. Yet they force people to use a password of 8 characters or less. WTF?

[via whatIsThisBullCrap]

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  • Bub

    True, it limits you to 8 characters. But at least it won’t let you use special characters.

  • DH


  • Mags

    Bet I can guess which one, but won’t say on here. And I definitely don’t use it for my banking.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    8 characters or less!! You know there was someone with a one digit password.

  • Coyote

    When I first got my AmEX card they had the same requirements… I almost canceled the card on that reason alone but the APR and benefits were to much to pass on. Luckily after a couple high profile cases hit the news they changed it.